Zimpler Depositing — Great Choice For NetEnt Players

zimpler depositingThe choice of payment methods at online casinos is astounding. There aren’t as many of them as there are NetEnt slots, but still, the players have a lot of freedom. A few years ago, this freedom extended even further with the appearance of Zimpler depositing. Originating in the Swedish market, this service soon spread outside the Northern borders and is now available in the UK and Germany.

Zimpler is an exceptional payment method dedicated to online and mobile casinos exclusively. Therefore, gamblers will feel that using it for casino depositing is intuitive, natural and very convenient. The service focuses on the mobile gambling market too, which will probably make it one of the most popular depositing methods of the future.


What’s Special About Zimpler Depositing

zimpler casino depositingZimpler depositing uses familiar methods, though combines them in an exceptional way. Simply put, it’s a hybrid of Boku and an e-wallet. The Boku part is that logging in and payment verification are powered by mobile. In fact, it’s impossible to use the service without a smartphone because SMS messages are an integral part of it.

The similarity to e-wallets comes from the fact that the actual payments are linked to your bank card or other online payment services. You can add multiple sources for withdrawal of casino payments, just like at Skrill and other e-wallets. Zimpler takes this one step further though, so it’s also unlike any other online depositing option.


Exceptional Features

mobile e-wallet zimplerOne of the exceptional features of Zimpler depositing is that it allows adding much more than just bank cards. Aside from those, other e-wallets, mobile banking and similar transferring options are as good as anything. In essence, Zimpler itself doesn’t do the job, it simply allows to add and manage all the payment methods in one place.

On top of that, it provides extra protection and privacy on all of these methods. This advantage is most obvious with bank cards. You’ll basically reveal your banking information to your casino when using them. If you use an e-wallet via Zimpler, this means double protection, which doesn’t hurt either.

Is there any point in using Zimpler instead of other e-wallets, then? After all, this new payment method doesn’t support withdrawals yet, though this is about to change soon. In any case, it’s not as convenient if you have to switch when withdrawing, right?

While we can’t deny that it’s a drawback, there’s something else to outweigh the inconvenience. That’s an extremely fast and simple confirmation. Unlike pay by phone billing, Zimpler depositing requires you to log in every time you use it. However, this part is simpler than those used by PayPal and similar e-wallets. You only need to write your phone number to log in if you use your own mobile. It’s both faster and safer because a pass code would be necessary on other devices only – an exceptional solution.


A Great Choice For NetEnt Players

NetEnt LogoZimpler is like NetEnt of depositing methods. In other words, it uses familiar fragments and combines them in a creative and original way. As a result, we have an exceptional payment method that delivers quite unlike any other solution. Besides, the process of using Zimpler isn’t just innovative and unusual, it’s also very convenient, quick and completely secure.

Many of these adjectives apply to NetEnt and their products as well. Speaking of which, Zimpler is one of the greatest choices a NetEnt player could make. It’s a service from a mobile-first company that’s focuses on the future of gambling, the same direction that NetEnt is aiming at with their new mobile slots and other products.


Start Using Zimpler

zimpler bank cardIf you’re Swedish, Finnish, British or German, you can start using Zimpler today for your mobile casino deposits. It’s very easy and the benefits are huge. First of all, you’ll have to create an account. You’ll have to provide your phone number, a 4-digit pass code and add your bank card(s) and/or other payment methods there.

Once done, you can forget about the previous step as that will never repeat itself again. The next time you make a deposit at your favourite casino, just choose Zimpler as your deposit option. As already mentioned, you’ll only need to put down your phone number to log in. After the payment is complete, you’ll receive a receipt in SMS as confirmation and to keep track of your transactions. Couldn’t be simpler than that.

Unfortunately, Zimpler depositing isn’t very widely accepted yet. The service is only available in four countries, a number which will definitely increase in the future. However, there’s no telling when it will come to each country. Besides, not all mobile casinos in the selected countries have Zimpler among their payment options either. But everyone had to start somewhere, right? We’re sure that Zimpler’s only going to get more popular, so if you’re future-oriented, you won’t miss the opportunity.