Wolf Cub Slot Review – Win 115 Bonus Spins And 2,000x Your Bet

wolf cub slot reviewEven though it first saw the light of day in February, Wolf Cub is a perfect game for Christmas. It’s simple, jolly and cute, all at the same time. It’s one of the lightest slots from NetEnt released last year. Their other newest titles tend to be quite packed with features and whatnot, so Wolf Cub slot may seem like a step backwards, but it really isn’t.

On the contrary, if you want a more simplistic slot to get into, Wolf Cub slot is your best bet. This is especially true if you don’t want to give up NetEnt’s quality but still want something more lighthearted. Wolf Cub is as simple and easy to play as a classic slot – except it’s much more exciting.


Gameplay Of Wolf Cub

Wolf Cub slot has the standard 5×3 layout and 20 paylines that pay from left to right. There are nine different symbols in the base game, plus wilds and scatters. The symbols depict card suits and forest animals, one of which is the wolf cub. The game takes place in a forest, too. It’s winter time and everything is covered in snow, and that’s one reason why the game has a Christmas vibe.


wolf cub slot gameplay


As you play the game, the wolf cub sits beside the reels, barking and jumping when you win something. The game doesn’t tell the story of this cub and other others animals. However, they do set a very specific theme, which isn’t cliché when it comes to slots and works just fine.

The minimum bet is 20p and the maximum is £200, so, as always, the range is quite huge. There are many additional options, including an autoplay function with advanced settings. The maximum you can win in a single spin is 2,000x your bet if you manage to fill the reels with wilds. That’s totally possible, too, and we’ll tell you how it’s done shortly.


wolf cub big win


Bonus Features

There aren’t a lot of bonus features, only enough to agitate you. The base game has wild symbols, footprints of the wolf cub.  They are also the highest paying symbols in the game. Plus, there are full moon symbols, which act as scatters and activate the bonus round.

Three or more scatters activate the bonus. At that point, all the reels which have the scatter symbols spin again. However, instead of the regular symbols, they have special symbols with numbers. The total of these numbers you get equals your spins for this bonus round. You can win up to 115 of these spins as each reel has one symbol worth 20 spins.

When you get to the bonus round, the action transfers from the forest to a cliff above it as full moon attracts the wolf cub. Beautiful landscape unfolds before our eyes with a clear sky and full moon above it. The bonus round features the same symbols but there’s an extra feature that’s exclusive to the bonus.

It’s called Blizzard and is very simple in nature, similar, in fact, to the bonus feature of Copy Cats slot. It activates when the same symbols fill the first reel after any spin, whatever those symbols may be. Then, all the matching symbols on other reels fill the places between them and the first reel with the same symbol. Even wilds can activate Blizzard, and that’s the easiest way to win a whole lot.


wolf cub blizzard feature


How Wolf Cub Slot Performs

There’s no reason to expect anything else than the usual answer to this question. We could play Wolf Cub slot for hours and still encounter no performance drops. Our experience on multiple mobile devices and desktops showed us that the game runs as flawlessly on all of them. So, whatever your preferred device, you can be sure that it’ll be light and smooth, both for you and for your device to handle.

Aside from the technical side of things, we really enjoyed the extra detail NetEnt has put into this game. The jolly soundtrack is fun and reminds of animals sneaking behind the trees at the same time. You can sometimes hear how the wolf cub is breathing, too. The visual effects are simple, but well-chosen thematically. The snow is falling everywhere all the time, suggesting that the blizzard (feature) is nearby. Or just reminding us how beautiful winter time can be.


wolf cub slot big win



As a medium variance slot, Wolf Cub is great for those who enjoy slots with simple concepts. While the winnings are relatively steady, there’s still a chance to win quite a lot too. So, there’s very little to lose when playing this game. Of course, if you enjoy more than just one bonus feature, you’ll find it boring. On the other hand, it’s very easy to play for just a few minutes if you haven’t got more time. In any case, it’s definitely worth checking out!