All The Types Of Payment Methods At Online Casinos

types of payment methodsCasino operators want you to play their games, so it’s only natural that they provide as many payment methods as possible. As long as you find at least one that you’re comfortable with, they are satisfied, and you can enjoy some gambling action. Therefore, there are loads of different ways you can transfer your funds to the casino account. Does all this talk about Boku and other methods seem a little tricky to you? Worry not, because here’s a comprehensive list of the types of payment methods available at online casinos.


Types Of Payment Methods

It doesn’t mean that you’ll find all of these methods at every single casino you stumble upon. While some do have most, if not all, of these types of payment options, others stick to just a few. In any case, it’s always handy to know your options and what you might be missing. So, here’s a little something about each type.


Pay By Phone Bill

pay by phone billOne of the most popular payment methods among players at mobile casinos is phone billing. There are loads of services across the world that allow transferring money in this way. Despite that, most of these methods are very similar, if not identical, in the way they work.

What sets pay by phone bill depositing apart is that it requires no bank card. Everything is much simpler. In essence, you’re using your phone number and mobile funds to make a deposit. By confirming the payment with your mobile device in one way or another, you allow taking the money from your pay-as-you-go credit. If you’re on a monthly plan, your mobile provider pays for you and adds the amount to your monthly bill.

Pay by phone billing is special because of its safety measures, speed and ease of use. You don’t have to create accounts or open new credits or wallets. You simply have to make sure that your provider and mobile contract allows this type of billing. The two significant downsides are that you can’t withdraw the same way and you can’t deposit more than £30 at once. Boku is the most popular phone billing method, but we’ve written about other similar pay by phone bill services too.


Mobile Banking

mobile bankingMobile banking is a service that allows making the usual banking operations you make in real life or online on your mobile device. An example could be Trustly, which is still a relatively new payment method today. Despite that, it’s already very popular and highly favoured by many mobile gamblers at online casinos everywhere.

It isn’t surprising because mobile banking is more than just your regular banking options transferred to a different platform, so to speak. It has advantages the usual banking methods do not have. First of all, it’s speed. While withdrawing with a bank card directly can take a whole week to complete, mobile banking may take just a day or two.

Mobile depositing is much safer, too. For example, Trustly uses the same mobile verification that phone billing services use. If you don’t have the mobile phone with the phone number you’re using, it’s literally impossible to verify anything.

Finally, it’s totally confidential and private. The only thing that the casino may get from your transaction is your phone number. No bank card number, no details, nothing. This wouldn’t be the case if you chose online banking, in comparison.



e-walletE-wallets are the most popular online payment methods in the world. Names like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are all companies that provide e-wallets to store money online and pay with. Usually, to use an e-wallet you have to make an account and create your own personal wallet. Once done, you’ll also have to fund it. Only when you’ve got some funds in your account can you deposit at online casinos. On the other hand, e-wallets are perfect for withdrawing your winnings.

What makes e-wallets so popular is that they are safe, quick to use and easy to understand. They also provide a different place to store your funds if you don’t want everything mixed up in your bank account. While other new methods like mobile banking have the same advantages, e-wallets have been around much longer, so that’s why they’re still more widespread. However, e-wallets aren’t exactly flawless. Most of them will take a small fee from your transactions to fund the service itself.



paysafecard e-vouchersMany online casinos allow paying with e-vouchers too. This payment method is usually offered by one company and that is Paysafecard. To use the e-vouchers, you’ll have to create an account, just like with e-wallets. In a way, Paysafecard is no different as you can also store your funds online. You don’t directly deposit your money into it, however. Instead, there are vouchers of different values to buy and use in all sorts of places online.

E-vouchers are the ultimate payment methods if you’re concerned with your details ending up in the wrong hands. If you use vouchers, you’re literally giving no information about yourself. All the recipient of your payment is going to see from you is a 16-digit-long string of random symbols.  The value of your payment is encrypted in that code, but no personal data at all. Not all the casinos allow withdrawing using Paysafecard, however, which forces many people to choose something else.


Direct Payments With A Bank Card

visa mastercard bank cardsOf all the payment methods at online casinos, bank cards are the old and simple solution. They aren’t as fast as previously mentioned types of payments, nor are they any safer. They definitely aren’t any more convenient, that’s for sure.

The only two reasons why people choose to pay with their bank cards are these. First, they’re familiar with the method and don’t want to explore new options or are simply satisfied with the current one. Second, they stick to the old way because pretty much all the casinos accept it.


Other Payment Methods At Online Casinos

question mark bubblesThese were the most popular payment methods at online casinos. However, this list isn’t entirely complete. We haven’t covered withdrawals by cheque, which is something that pay by phone bill users sometimes choose. There are other ways to use bank cards too, including wire transfer.

Many casinos have also chosen the path of virtual currencies and deal in bitcoins. Finally, new methods, such as mobile invoicing, are likely to show up very soon. Still, we hope that knowing a little more about each of these payment methods will help you choose one for your own use.