Twin Spin Deluxe Slot Review – A Classic With A Plot Twist

twin spin deluxe slot reviewThe very first NetEnt slot released this year was a sequel to the previously popular Twin Spin online slot. Twin Spin Deluxe is a similar game that has saved a lot of the old slot’s looks and features. However, it also has a plot twist of its own, which still makes the game feel like a whole new experience.

The first part of this game came out back in 2013, so a lot of time has passed since. NetEnt never fails to realise their idea to the best extent, though. Updated graphics and effects, new music and a completely different gameplay mechanism doesn’t make the game unrecognizable. It’s a must play for fans of the first Twin Spin. In this Twin Spin Deluxe slot review, we’ll tell you exactly why you should check it out if you haven’t done that yet.


Gameplay Of Twin Spin Deluxe

Unlike the previous release, Twin Spin Deluxe has much higher reels. Instead of 5×3, we’re dealing with 6×5 reel layout here. This is possible because the 243 ways to win payout mechanism has been dropped in favour of something new. If you’ve been gambling for the last few years, you must be familiar with the Cluster Pays feature some new NetEnt slots have.

Twin Spin Deluxe is one of those slots, albeit lacking this feature in the title unlike other examples like Aloha! Cluster Pays and The Legend of Shangri-La Cluster Pays. That’s the main update in Twin Spin Deluxe slot as everything else is pretty much the same in terms of gameplay. The famous twin spin feature is still there. It increases the chances to land winning clusters by matching two or more adjacent reels on each spin.


twin spin deluxe slot win


Just in case you don’t know yet, cluster pays work differently from paylines. At least nine symbols need to be adjacent to one another and form a cluster to pay. It doesn’t matter which reels they’re in, there’s no left-to-right or right-to-left rule there. The more symbols in the cluster, the more it pays, up to 30 symbols in total, filling the whole grid.

There are nine different symbols and no wilds. Most of the minimum payouts return more than the bet itself. Besides, the maximum win pays an impressive amount of 1,000x your bet. The bet limits are 10p to £100, so you can win up to £100,000 in a single spin. The slot’s RTP is 96.1%, a number that this game shares with Starburst.


twin spin deluxe symbol payout values



How Twin Spin Deluxe Slot Performs

Twin Spin Deluxe slot is available on desktop, tablet and mobile. It has flashy design and animations, which might slow the game down a bit. However, there should be no problems on devices that can deal with any other new slot. On the bright side, the game runs steadily wherever you play and no decrease in performance should be visible even after long periods of gameplay.

Besides, Twin Spin Deluxe wouldn’t feel quite like it without its colourful lights and disco beats. It’s a perfect slot to play when you aren’t in the best mood as it will brighten your day instantly – especially if you end up winning. So, even if the game feels slightly sluggish, it should still be not only playable but also very enjoyable.


twin spin deluxe gameplay


Most Impressive Quality

When we compare Twin Spin Deluxe with the first Twin Spin slot, some interesting differences show up. In short, the older version had a higher minimum bet, a higher RTP, a much higher maximum win and more. On the other side, Twin Spin Deluxe doesn’t have wild symbols anymore, which decreases the winning chances.

It would seem that the new game isn’t as lucrative as the previous one, right? Well, not necessarily. What this actually means is that Twin Spin Deluxe has a higher variance. Although the maximum win is a few times lower, it’s still quite high. Plus, It’s slightly easier to achieve because the game’s variance fluctuates the payouts more. In other words, Twin Spin Deluxe is the version for those who actually want to win big.


twin spin deluxe big win



Twin Spin Deluxe slot is a redefined classic that all NetEnt fans will enjoy. It definitely won’t become a favourite title for everyone due to the lack of special features. The gameplay is pretty monotonic, though it can still keep your excitement very high. Therefore, you’ll love this NetEnt slot if a simple gameplay is what matters to you. As a result, we’ve settled for a 4-star rating, just as we did with the original Twin Spin. We similarly enjoyed both versions of these games. How about you?