Top Three Alternative Payment Methods For Mobile Casino Players

pay by phone bill mobile casino starburstNetEnt slots and casino games are increasingly tailored towards mobile players, with the developer’s ‘Touch’ portfolio growing monthly. That’s due to new releases being designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets, as well as older games getting converted. More players than ever are enjoying NetEnt games on the go, which means that it’s more important than ever that these players are able to use mobile friendly banking options at NetEnt casinos.

While an awful lot of energy is given over to talking about phone bill deposits and how useful those are for mobile players (which, it’s undeniable, they are), it’s worth knowing that you have options. There are a number of other banking options that are not just great for players on the go, but also designed with these mobile players in mind. That’s why we’ve put together this post, in which we aim to introduce you to the top three alternative banking methods that are great for mobile players.



Trustly Logo One of the most recent entries into the online and mobile casino banking world is Trustly. It’s a service, which promises instant and secure bank transfer payments made without the need for a user account, and without the need to leave the casino at which you’re playing. The entire service is integrated fully into the gaming site you’re using, meaning that every step of the payment can be completed within the Trustly interface.

Trustly is designed to make bank transfers super easy for mobile users. Within the interface at your chosen casino, you’re able to easily enter your internet banking credentials, choose the amount you want to deposit and confirm the payment. Not only is this every bit as secure as you own internet banking, using Trustly ensures that your transfer is instant, so you’re ready to play as soon as possible.

Moreover, Trustly makes bank transfer payments possible for more player than ever before. To accept payments via bank transfer, online vendors like mobile casinos usually need to have an agreement with each individual bank, but seeing as Trustly does the hard lifting, players banking with pretty much any bank are able to use Trustly with no issue.



Zimpler LogoThough Zimpler is arguably closer to being an e-wallet, it shares a surprising number of similarities with phone bill depositing that makes it perfect for mobile casino players. We say it’s ‘like an e-wallet’ and that’s true, but unlike any other e-wallet on the market, Zimpler was designed specifically with mobile gambling in mind. So, instead of requiring players to open an account on a separate website, it allows players to manage their account all through the service’s casino interface.

You set up a Zimpler account by choosing the method from the options at your chosen casino. You enter your phone number and choose a four digit PIN — this becomes your login details. You can add, manage and remove payment methods all within the interface and make payments without ever having to leave the casino.

The best thing is the security that Zimpler offer. Just like phone bill deposits, the service will send you an SMS to confirm you want to make the payment that has been requested at a casino, meaning you’re protected from people using your Zimpler account without permission. And seeing as all your payment methods are protected by Zimpler’s high-level security, you’ve got next to nothing to worry about.


Skrill 1-Tap

Skrill 1-Tap LogoThere’s very little chance that you haven’t heard of Skrill before as it is, after all, one of the most common depositing methods you’re likely to find at an online or mobile casino. That said, there’s a decent chance that you haven’t heard of – or at least don’t know about – Skrill’s little brother: Skrill 1-Tap. It’s a payment option, which retains all the best qualities of the original e-wallet while making it a whole lot more mobile friendly.

Skrill 1-Tap mostly works in the same way as its e-wallet parent, with players able to add payment options to their Skrill account and make deposits and withdrawals through the service. Yet while the traditional Skrill requires you to sign in every time you want to make a deposit or withdrawal, 1-Tap allows you to do this with… well… one tap.

Once you’ve made your initial Skrill sign in at any given casino (or other online vendor), 1-Tap will then save your login details at that site. So when you next visit, you can confirm you payment with the tap of a single button. This speed and convenience is perfect for players on mobile devices, where laboriously entering login details can prove to be a real pain.