Skrill Casino Payments – The Top Online Banking Solution

skrill-logoSkrill is quite an old-timer in the world of online casinos. It’s been around almost since the start of the century, albeit with a different name. It has secured its place throughout the years and is one of the most popular casino payment methods today.

Most online casinos accept Skrill payments and most gamblers have used the service. A lot of them prefer this service as their usual choice too. If you’re looking for a convenient way to deposit or withdraw at your NetEnt casino, Skrill might be just what you need.


Why Use Skrill?

skrill mobileSkrill is a great way to pay with your bank card online. Plus, you can use it everywhere, not just at online casinos. Why not just transfer by bank card directly, you ask? Well, there are many reasons for that and we’ll cover the most important ones right here.

This is a service that handles the payments and guarantees that the funds from your bank reach the casino, or vice-versa. It’s an encrypted and protected transfer, which makes these operations much safer. Not only are they more difficult to crack, all the personal information remains hidden. As a result, your casino won’t be able to get your bank card details if you pay with Skrill.

Using it is also much faster than paying by bank card directly. Sometimes, a lot of time may pass until the card payment is transferred and confirmed. Online payments are lightning fast in comparison, so you’ll save a lot of time. This is especially true when withdrawing, although e-wallet withdrawals still have to be processed and confirmed by the casino.

Speaking of speed, you’ll be able to make the payment faster too. Skrill will only ask for your card details once. The next time you want to cash in or out, the details will be there. So, instead of typing in the card details, you’ll only have to log in to your Skrill account. Besides, you don’t have to log in to top up your Skrill balance – that’s allowed straight from the casino payments screen.

Unlike pay by phone bill payment methods, it’s an e-wallet allowing both to withdraw and deposit. Plus, it has a much higher deposit and withdrawal limit, which is often well over £10,000. These reasons make it an alternative to one-way payment services too.


How To Use Skrill?

skrill casino payments successfulSkrill is arguably the most popular online banking solution when it comes to casinos. Most sites have it, so you’ll never have to search for new NetEnt casinos too hard. Using the service involves the same easy steps on every site it appears on.

For depositing, simply to go your casino’s depositing page and select Skrill. If you’re on mobile, you should be able to choose Skrill 1-Tap, which is the mobile version of this service. After you’ve created a Skrill account, log into it by entering your email address and password. Once in, you can type in the deposit amount and confirm the payment, assuming you’ve got enough funds. You’ll receive an email receipt and top up your casino bankroll in a few seconds.

It’s pretty much the same drill for withdrawals. After you select the withdrawal option at your online casino, you’ll be prompted by a login screen. Use the same details to access your account and confirm the operation. Once the withdrawal is complete, you should find the funds in your Skrill balance.


Is It Really The Top Online Banking Solution?

top online banking solutionLike all the casino payments, Skrill can’t be everyone’s favourite. Even the best methods aren’t perfect and there are a few cons to be aware of. The obvious one is that you need to create an account to able to use the service. While it may not seem like much, this is definitely a con when compared to payment methods where no additional accounts are required.

Pay by phone bill payments are more convenient precisely because they don’t require an account. Furthermore, they don’t ask you to log in anywhere, while this e-wallet does that all the time. However, these are just minor cons that aren’t very harmful.

What’s more substantial is that sometimes fees apply to payments made with Skrill. Plus, certain online casino bonuses like NetEnt free spins may not apply to payments made using this method. That’s not universal, of course, and it depends on each casino individually. So learn about these terms before it’s too late.

Other than that, we’d totally recommend Skrill for those who want to use their bank card. It’s also a decent option if pay by phone billing isn’t your thing. With so many pros and so few cons, it’s a decision that simply can’t go wrong. Especially if you check out the terms of your casino regarding this service first.