Samurai Split Slot Review — Split Symbols For Big Multipliers

Samurai-Split-SlotEver wanted to walk to true path of the samurai? Well, with the new slot Samurai Split, that is precisely what you can do. Rise to the occasion as one of Japans ancient warriors as you split symbols to increase multipliers on your wager. With unique features that grab your attention, it’s hard to imagine why this game isn’t more popular than it already is.

While split symbols are by no means a new concept, NextGen has somehow managed to make things feel fresh with this one. Part of that is the theme but most of that is thanks to the gaming mechanics presented in this otherwise fairly conventional slot. It’s memorable, nonetheless, and it takes a thorough understanding of it to truly see the best things about Samurai Split.

Gameplay Of Samurai Split

As you have probably gathered, Samurai Split is based off splitting symbols. Each split breaks down into 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x multipliers. This means that not all your multipliers are tiny and can actually significantly increase your win by a simple turn of the reel.

However, the split symbols are less often than the regular ones because of this. Obviously, getting them too often presents an unfair advantage. Not only that but it would make the game far less interesting and engaging. Nevertheless, it presents an interesting dynamism.



What makes the game more interesting, though, is that every once in a while you get a warrior symbol that removes low paying methods during a single spin. It’s a feature that works much better here than in some of NextGen’s other games where it appears.

Anyone can bet from as little as 10p and up to £200. Of course, you got your usual wild and scatter symbols that help you along too so be on the lookout for them as they could really help increase your wins.


Bonus Features

By getting five scatters on screen, players can activate Samurai Split’s 480 free games. Yes, you read that right. 480! Mostly, of course, you’ll only ever trigger about ten or twenty but that’s already good enough to make people want to play frequently.

We’ve already talked about the Warrior Spin so let’s get into more detail with that. After one re-spin, you get one round where all the low-paying symbols are removed. This works extremely well as many of the symbols are designed to be high-paying so the removal of the smaller ones will guarantee a win. Samurai Split knows how to turn the party.

The wild symbols allows you to make wins on up to 25 paylines, however it does not replace the scatter. Still, it presents a good advantage to players.




How Samurai Split Slot Performs

While not the most outstanding-looking slot ever made, Samurai Split certainly looks good enough as a slot to be entertaining. With some impressive visuals and cool sound design, it performs well enough thanks to its reliance on 2D graphics. They carry a sort of charm so many players won’t be bothered too much by the lack of 3D graphics.




Most Impressive Quality

The most impressive thing about Samurai Split is in the title — the splits involved in the gameplay. With each one you have the chance to increase what you have already wagered by a large amount. It makes gameplay dynamic and the game interesting enough not to feel like a clone of other games. Fairplay to NextGen, they’ve created quite a good game here!




Samurai Split is definitely a slot worth checking out. It’s unique enough not to blend into the background but also not too alienating for players to completely look over. It’s a strong contender for many of the NetEnt and Microgaming entries out there and makes for a fun afternoon if you have some free time on your hands. Enjoy this charming split-symbol slot on anywhere that does NextGen!