Reasons To Use Mobile Payments At Casinos

pay by phone bill payment methodDid you know that your smartphone is a million times more powerful than the computer that NASA used for its moon mission in 1969? You could do literally any task imaginable using your smartphone, from keeping in touch with your mates to staying entertained while on the go. Embarrassingly, most of our daily uses seem quite frivolous when compared to space missions that advance the human race.

No doubt, we have become practically inseparable from our phones. In other words, mobile has become our new way of life. And in such an era, mobile money is more relevant than ever. You can just pay for stuff using a PIN number or even an SMS. While most of us still rely on our credit cards at shopping websites, mobile payments are really taking off at mobile casinos. If you haven’t gotten on board already, here are five reasons why. Best to ditch your cash and credit cards, and use mobile phone depositing instead!


Mobile Deposit In Three Simple Steps

Mobile payment is the quickest and most efficient way of funding your mobile casino account ever. If the option is available at a particular mobile casino, you’d see a button called “pay by phone bill” option at the casino cashier. From here, there are only three simple steps:

  1. Enter your mobile phone number into the cashier
  2. Reply to an SMS to confirm your transaction
  3. Play!

The money is either deducted from your prepaid credit balance or added to your monthly phone bill. There is no need to faff around with 16-digit credit card numbers, e-wallet passwords or bank transfers. Trust us, it is really that easy!


1. Convenience and ease of use

Mobile Deposit ConvenienceThe first perk of using mobile payments is that it is extremely easy to use. Never again will you have to fumble for your wallet to get the necessary card information to sign up or register for an account. None of that is necessary with mobile deposits. The only information you will need to use this method of payment is your mobile phone number.

By simply entering your phone number, you can consider yourself good to go. More often than not, casinos store your phone number in their database, so when you want to deposit again using the same method, you wouldn’t even have to key in your number again. Not only is this method convenient, but it is fast too!


2. Anyone and everyone can use mobile deposits

If you have a mobile phone with a contact number, you are eligible to use this method of payment. Don’t worry if you don’t have a credit card or if it’s too troublesome to sign up for the other payment methods. As long as you are on any of your countries network providers, you can use mobile deposits.

In our opinion, players who are always on the go will especially love this deposit method. Since you are already playing on your phone, wouldn’t it be easier to just pay via mobile. Furthermore, tracking your account balance and how much you have spent gaming will also be a lot easier. At any time, you can check how much you have spent through your confirmation text messages.


3. You don’t have to disclose your personal information

In this day and age, you wouldn’t want to expose or give away your personal information to anyone for no good reason. By depositing via mobile, your privacy is protected right from the very start. Since you will never have to key in any personal or card information, none of private information can be compromised in the event of a casino hack.


4. Security

Mobile Deposit SecurityEvery time you make a deposit, a text message will be sent to your number for authentication. Even if someone got hold of your phone number, they will not be able to do anything with it without you verifying the transaction via text message. In fact, even banks use this form of security these days!



The pace at which mobile money is progressing and taking over as the primary form of payment makes it seem as if debit/credit cards were so yesterday. The reasons for this are so obvious – in many ways, it is superior to the traditional methods. For players like us, it fulfills all of our needs too. Mobile deposits are accessible, convenient to use and, most importantly, safe. Everyone that we know, who has started using mobile deposits, told us that there is no way they go back to using other methods anytime soon!