Pay By Phone Bill Payment Methods Similar To Boku

payment methods similar to bokuYou may have heard of Boku and how it’s superior to casino payment methods that use debit/credit card. This SMS depositing method is safer, quicker and more convenient. It’s also getting more and more popular in the remote gambling industry recently. However, what if your favourite casino doesn’t allow Boku payments? Are there any other methods that are similar to Boku, but you just don’t know about it?

In fact, yes, there are. Boku mobile isn’t the only pay by phone bill payment method for gamblers. There are loads of similar companies offering their services all around the world. Not all of them are popular, though, but some are present at a number of mobile casinos. So, if Boku isn’t available or you just don’t like it enough, here are a few alternatives to phone billing.



payforit logoThe first alternative is Payforit, one of the most popular phone bill payment methods. It differs from Boku in a number of ways. First, the process of making a deposit is totally different, even though both are considered as phone bill depositing methods.

When using Payforit, you’ll have to enter your phone number just like with Boku. Instead of an SMS asking you to reply, you’ll receive a 4-digit code to copy into the casino deposit screen. As to which method is more comfortable is a matter of constant debate and personal preference. Both of them do the job, though. Once you enter the code and confirm your deposit, the funds are simply taken from your monthly or pay-as-you-go credit.

Another difference between Payforit and Boku is that the former doesn’t have a daily £30 limit. While the largest deposit you can make is still £30, it can be done multiple times per day. In case of Boku, you couldn’t deposit more than that, even if you tried it at different casinos. So, Payforit might even be considered as better than Boku by some. The problem is that it isn’t as popular at mobile casinos as Boku is.



siru mobile logoThe least popular pay by phone bill payment method in this list, Siru is available in the UK and Scandinavia. Just like with all the phone billing methods, it requires no registration and works with all the mobile network providers. In most countries, it supports both pre-paid sim cards and contracts with monthly bills too.

You can usually find this payment method at Swedish mobile casinos. Its advantage against Boku is a higher deposit limit per day, which is £250. Only £14 can be deposited in a single transaction, though. On the other hand, Boku is free, while Siru may take up to 20% of your deposit as a fee. You should check with your NetEnt casino for clarification on the matter.

Making a deposit with Siru is also different, but similarly fast and easy. After choosing Siru as your depositing method and selecting the deposit amount, you’ll be redirected to the company’s website. There, you’ll find a phone number. Calling the number will process the payment and you’ll hear all the information about it and additional costs if any. You’ll also receive an SMS confirmation afterwards so you can save it and look it up if needed.


Pay By Phone

pay by phone bill payment methodFinally, we’ve got Pay By Phone, a mobile depositing method similar to Payforit in popularity at mobile casinos. It’s also more similar to Payforit than Boku, especially when it comes to the transaction limits. Users of Pay By Phone may deposit up to £30 per transaction with no limits per day.

It has a certain advantage over other similar payment methods: it asks no mobile phone number every single time. Instead, the service uses the number you entered when registering at a mobile casino. This makes it as convenient as Boku which saves the phone number you entered the last time.

When it comes to confirmation, Pay By Phone will send a 6-digit code in an SMS. You’ll have to input the sequence into the deposit screen, simple as that. What’s less simple is an extra layer of security. Before making a deposit, you’ll have to enter a 4-digit code given to you upon registration at the casino. While it takes extra time, this safety measure makes your funds completely inaccessible to other people. Again, whether you prefer extra safety or quicker deposits is a matter of personal taste.


All Pay By Phone Bill Payment Methods Are Similar

pay by phone bill payment methodsHow do all these pay by phone bill payment methods compare to Boku? Each has its own intricacies and downsides, though some people may count them as advantages. However, in essence, all the SMS depositing methods are very similar. None allow to deposit more than £30 and none accept withdrawals. On the other hand, all of them are extremely safe and very easy to use.

The good thing is that each mobile casino usually offers only one way to pay by mobile. This means that you’ll never have to choose between two options – just select the one that’s available. Since all have the same capabilities and restrictions, they’re all good alternatives to Boku.

Most importantly, you now know that Boku isn’t a sole phone billing method. So, don’t worry if a NetEnt casino has no Boku logo on the list. If there are names like Payforit, Pay By Phone or Siru, rest assured that phone billing is accepted there.