The Newest Mobile Payment Methods Analysed: Are They Any Good?

newest mobile payment methodsPay by phone billing methods are all well and good, but the technology never stops moving forward. This is evident from new mobile payment options showing up at various casinos. Names like Trustly and Zimpler are among the newest ones that just recently became popular. They’re now available at many old and new NetEnt casinos, although it’s been just a few years since they first appeared there.

Some even newer methods are already out, too. However, unlike the examples mentioned above, these are not yet popular at all. Some are still being tested and most are only available in few selected countries. If everything goes well, though, they’re very likely to become very popular, very soon. So, we’ll take a look at the most interesting payment methods and see if they’re any good.


Mobile Invoicing – One Step Further Than Phone Billing

mobile invoicingMobile invoicing is very similar to pay by phone billing, in fact, but offers even more comfortable payments. Just like the name says, the idea behind it is to make mobile payments possible even when you’re dry. Instead of taking a loan from your mobile operator for gambling, you’d be able to take a bank credit. An invoice comes along with this credit, with the information of your debt and the deadline when it must be paid.

The service isn’t tied to your mobile provider, but it isn’t related to your bank either. Certain banks have agreed to give such credits to casino players, but you don’t necessarily have to be the customer of that bank. What’s important here is that mobile invoicing doesn’t use your bank card. It only requires your mobile phone and some kind of an identification.

In Scandinavia, the process goes like this. First, you select mobile invoicing payment method when making a casino deposit. Second, you provide your phone number and social security number. Third, you confirm your deposit amount. The service providers then do a credit check according to your provided details. After no more than 30 seconds, you receive an invoice straight to your mobile along with the money in your casino bankroll.

The process will probably be the same in other countries, with the exception of social security number being replaced with a local equivalent for identification. However, mobile invoicing isn’t yet available everywhere. The system is still contained within the Scandinavian countries. Yet, seeing how it can make gambling easier for people, it’ll take no time to spread much more widely.


Is Mobile Invoicing Actually Better Than Pay By Phone Billing?

phone billing mobile invoicingThese two payment methods are surprisingly similar. The key difference here is that mobile invoice is separate from the monthly phone bill. You can also use it to gamble when you don’t have the funds. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to wait until their payday.

On the other hand, mobile invoicing requires more identification details. The more information you have to provide, the less attractive a payment method looks. But we’ll let that slide since the payment process takes just 30 seconds. In comparison, phone billing may take a few minutes in some cases.

What makes matters worse is that invoicing can be harmful to problem gamblers. While pay by phone bill methods are perfect for vulnerable gamblers (due to deposit limit), this new option could be the opposite. Luckily, it won’t. As long as the market is regulated, potential gamblers will probably not be allowed to use mobile invoicing as freely as more responsible gamblers.


Samsung / Android / Apple Pay – A Mobile Wallet For Everything

apple paySamsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay are all mobile banking apps for different mobile devices and their operating systems. They have some differences, but the fundamentals are the same. What they all do is allow people add their bank cards to their phones and then use the devices themselves for payments.

By using one of these apps, you can simply forget your bank cards. They’re all on your mobile, so you don’t need to carry these cards separately. There’s also no need to remember their details. Just take a picture of them and they’ll stay on your mobile forever. Or at least as long as you’ve got the app, anyway.

When it comes to casino payments, you need to select, say, Apple Pay as a depositing method. You’ll then have to log in with a password of your own choosing. After that, you simply select any of your bank cards and the deposit amount and confirm it. What’s more, you need to be holding your phone to confirm the payments, so knowing password alone isn’t enough. Apple Pay specifically also has a fingerprint confirmation option. Talk about safety.

Unlike paying with a bank card directly, using an app like Apple Pay also protects your banking data. The casino won’t see what card you used to deposit the money. These apps stand between the casino and your bank(s) and either hide these details or create fake tokens instead.


Don’t These Mobile Pay Apps Remind Of Anything?

android payApple Pay or Android Pay aren’t the first payment methods to connect multiple bank cards into one place. E-wallets also allow this. These methods are better, however, because they provide additional safety and confidentiality measures. They’re also created for mobile devices specifically, which makes them simply more convenient.

However, Zimpler also has all of these advantages. Plus, it can be used on any mobile device, unlike these new solutions. Apple Pay, for example, is only available on iOS mobiles. Another difference between Zimpler and these apps is that the former is dedicated exclusively to casino payments. Mobile Pay apps can be used for everything, yet this doesn’t make them any less effective at mobile casinos.

So, we’d naturally choose Android Pay or its equivalent instead of Zimpler. It allows to pay at online shops, high-street retailers and anywhere where bank cards are accepted on top of mobile casinos. Now, all that’s left is to wait for the casinos to pick this payment method up.