NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dream Jackpot Player Lands €3,038,963

$4M Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot WinnerWe all know that progressive jackpots can pay out life changing sums of money, often into the millions of pounds. Yet, it’s always nice to actually be reminded of that fact when you hear about a lucky jackpot winner first hand.

And so, this week, we’re delighted to bring you news of a brand new jackpot win on NetEnt’s Mega Fortunes Dream Jackpot slot, where one lucky player was able to land a huge €3,038,963 on the popular progressive slot. Identified only as Susan, a 60 year old British player, the winner is the fifth person this year to pocket the slots progressive win and in doing so, has inspired thousands more players to try their luck!


About Susan’s Win

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It all happened on Sunday night – which is actually on average a more likely time for jackpots to drop, given that more people play at that time. The news of the huge win came out slowly. At first all we knew from NetEnt was that a lucky winner had managed to bag a multi-million pound prize. Almost instantly, the ire of thousands of other players was focused at some unknown person, having won an unknown amount of money. All we knew was that the win had taken place on Mega Fortunes Dream Jackpot and nothing else.

However, yesterday a clarification came through with information about the casino, the winner and the specific amount. Finding out which casino was easy, given that it was Casumo Casino that tweeted about the win, thus outing themselves as the venue for the win.

Having clearly agreed with her that is was OK to release some of her information, they announced in a post that the progressive jackpot had been won by 60 year old Susan and they confirmed that the winning amount was €3,038,963!


You Think That’s A Big Win?

champagne-pop-winnerBy anyone’s estimation, €3,038,963 is an awful lot of money. There’s no doubt that Susan’s life is going to change off the back of this win, but how does this most recent Mega Fortunes Dream Jackpot win stack up to other recent wins? Well, the fact is, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not even that impressive. Let’s take a look at previous wins to put Susan’s into perspective…

Susan’s jackpot is roughly €800,000 lower than the average jackpot in the Mega Fortunes series, making it a relative tiddler. What’s more, the previous winner of the jackpot landed an astonishing €2.5m more than her, a record breaking amount that is very almost double this newest win. We’re not saying all this to make you feel sorry for Susan, but simply to point out that even though hers is an impressive win, there are plenty of opportunities to win much more than even she did.

NetEnt has a whole host of jackpot slots, many linked to the Mega Jackpots progressive kitty, meaning that the jackpots on its games are regularly far larger than the industry average. It’s just one of the many, many reasons that it pays to play with NetEnt!