NetEnt Progressive Jackpots Slots are the slots where life changing sums of money can be won. These are the most exhilarating and rewarding online slots to play and often with Jackpot amounts well into the millions, it’s a dream come true if you win.

Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Pooled

This glitzy 5 reel and 25 pay line slot has created more millionaires than any other online slot. The luxurious theme sweeps players into a world of all the finer things in life, from champagne, diamond rings, yachts to fast cars. Hopefully you’ll be able to win one of three jackpots available.




Mega Fortune Dreams Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Pooled

This is the follow up to the glitzy Mega Fortune, giving players a taste for things extravagant, set on a yacht amidst an idilic backdrop. This online slot enables players to win one of three jackpots.


Arabian NightsArabian Nights Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive: Non – Pooled

Set in the Middle-East this slot presents an adventurous and imaginative theme. Players can be swept away to a foreign land with a few spins. This slot is also the current world record holder for the biggest pay out for a non-pooled online slot.




netent cosmic fortune logo_300x225

Cosmic Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Non – Pooled

This slot is out of this world with features and graphics to help make every playing experience a memorable one. With 5 reels and 15 pay lines players can win life changing amounts of money.





Hall of Gods Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive: Non – Pooled

With 3 incredible progressive jackpots available to players it’s no wonder this slot is not only one of the most popular online progressive jackpot slots but also appears in the upper tier of slots in terms of payouts, which more often than not is in its millions.





Super Lucky Frog Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Local Pooled

This enchanting progressive is fast paced and fairy folklore themed slot whisks players into a land where winnings come from a super lucky frog. This is one of NetEnt’s first progressive jackpot slots and is still full of wonder and charm.





Tiki Wonders Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Pooled

The Tiki Surfer God welcomes players to the beaches of this south Pacific where players can sip some coconut water whilst spinning. Part of the trio of Wonders progressive jackpot slots, this creates ‘reel’ excitement whilst playing.





Icy Wonders Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Pooled

Being apart of the trio of Wonders jackpots, players could win one of three fantastic jackpots. This arctic themed slot has 5 reels and 30 pay-lines, with features such as Wilds, Multipliers and Bonus Round to enjoy.





Geisha Wonders Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive Pooled

Filled with Oriental and illusive wonder, this 5 reel, 30 pay-line progressive slot is one of the Wonder jackpot slots, presenting players with a great opportunity to win big. 




Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Type: Online Progressive: Local Pooled

NetEnt’s original progressive jackpot, this 5 line, two 3×3 reel slot is a well loved and fruitful classic. If you love the kind of slots with plenty of action then Mega Joker is one of the greats.




NetEnts first ever Progressive jackpot slot was Mega Joka, the more traditional classic fruity style this is now the lone jackpot slot of of kind left by NetEnt and it looks very similar to Jackpot 6000. It’s still a popular jackpot slot filled with charm and potential winnings.

The latest NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slots is Cosmic Fortune which was released in 23rd November 2014. This was also the first NetEnt 3D video progressive jackpot slot with 5 awesome jackpots, 3 of which are pooled and 2 are fixed. When Cosmic Fortune came on the screen it replaced 8 older NetEnt jackpot slots. This fun and quirky cosmic themed slot is one of the most innovative jackpot slots around.

What are NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Looking at the word ‘Progressive’ it means a gradual change or increase, in the context of progressive jackpot slots it means a gradual increase of the jackpot amount. As players play a small proportion goes into ‘the pot’ and this continues until it’s won. Some slots have multiple jackpots, this applies to them too individually and not collectively.

There’s a great progressive jackpot story in Las Vegas, in the MGM Hotel there’s a slot machine which is over 25 years old and the reason it’s still there is because the jackpot has never been won, the jackpot stands at over £1 million and will continue to grow until a player has won it.

As with all Progressive Jackpot Slots, once it has been won by a player it start from zero once again then continue to grow until a player wins it and the cycle continues. Mega Fortune is a great slot to highlight this, towards the end of 2015 it was won three times and all winning amounts were different, the largest being over £1 million the smallest being around £17,000.

Where does the jackpot amount come from?

As a player spins a proportion of their losing bet is added to the jackpot amount, if there are several progressive jackpot amount like Cosmic Fortune then each jackpot amount has a different proportion percentage added and this will continue until someone wins it.

Where is the NetEnt Progressive Jackpot amount held?

The Jackpot is with the individual slot itself not a casino.

Who pays the Jackpot winnings when someone’s won?

Once the online progressive jackpot has been won by a player the casino you we’re playing at is responsible for paying you. For instance, if your playing Mega Fortune Dreams  at Reel Island Casino, Reel Island will pay you your winnings.

NetEnt Pooled, Non-Pooled Progressive and Fixed Jackpot Slots

Pooled Progressive Jackpot Slots

This can also be called a ‘network’ Progressive Jackpot Slot, this means there is more than one slot which is linked together to collectively contribute to the jackpot. Icy Wonders, Tiki Wonders and Geisha Wonders are a perfect example of pooled or network Progressive Jackpot Slots.

Non-Pooled Progressive Jackpot Slots

A non-pooled Progressive Jackpot Slot can also be called ‘local’. This means the jackpot amount is made up of contributions from players on the individual slot. Arabian Nights is a great slot to highlight this. Because there are only contributions from the slot itself payouts tend to be less but the chance of payout is higher since the jackpot isn’t spread across any other slot game.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Fixed Amount

Slots with multiple jackpot amounts usually have the lower or lowest jackpot amount fixed, so regardless of the amount of wins taking place, if you win said jackpot, you will win said amount. The most common amount is between £50 and £500 which appears as jackpot amounts.

An excellent example of a fixed jackpot amount is from Cosmic Fortune, the three top jackpots: Mega, Major and Midi are all progressives and the lower two: Mini and Rapid jackpots are both fixed amounts of £500 and £100.

Advantages of NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slots

  • Uncapped winning amount, the jackpot amount increases until it’s won.
  • Jackpot amounts are often in the millions
  • Adds excitement to gameplay

Disadvantages of NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slots

  • Reduced chance of winning a pooled jackpot compared to a non pooled jackpot
  • Sometime there are less pay lines within normal play, the usual is around 20.
  • You may need to bet/spin the maximum bet to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot.

Highest paying out NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Slot

The Highest payout made by a NetEnt Jackpot slot was  €17,861,813 (£15,143,600, $22,974,400) and won on Mega Fortune, this was won by a Finnish player on 20th January 2013. This also entered the Guiness Book of World Record as the biggest online slot payout ever.

When Can You Win a Netent Progressive Jackpot Slot?

You can’t play just any NetEnt slot to be in with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot, you need to play an actual NetEnt Progressive Jackpot.

These are:

  • Mega Fortune
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Arabian Dreams
  • Cosmic Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Super Lucky Frog
  • Tiki Wonders
  • Icy Wonders
  • Geisha Wonders
  • Mega Joker

There are no closed sessions or times so if you can play the slot it means you can win it, anytime and anywhere. Some Progressive Jackpots are also available on tablets and mobiles, Netent mobile enabled slots are called ‘touch’.

NetEnt Touch Progressive Jackpots are:

  • Mega Fortune
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Cosmic Fortune

How to win a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

With most NetEnt Progressive Jackpots you need to firstly enter some sort of bonus round and from there you’ll be able to go on and win the jackpot. Bonus Rounds do vary but the most common feature is a wheel like in Super Lucky Frog or Mega Fortune, you spin the wheel to try and land in a particular position to the move closer to winning. Usually wheels have sections within them you need to work your way through to win the ultimate jackpot.

Another common feature will be that you may have to bet the maximum, Arabian Nights falls into this category but since the max bet is £5 it’s pretty good considering you could win thousands.

This doesn’t apply to all slots, some can still be won a considerably small bets with no max bet being required. Mega Fortune is a great example of this when a player scooped the £10 plus million jackpot from a 25p bet/spin whilst playing on her phone.

Progressive Jackpot slots on mobile

We’ve touched on this above so I’ll keep it relevant. There are currently 3 progressive jackpot slots which can be played on mobile, NetEnt will be increasing this number as they work on making more of their older slots mobile responsive. All NetEnt slots are now released with a mobile optimised version. Gameplay and winning both work in the same way as though you were playing the NetEnt Progressive Jackpot on a desktop.

Where to play NetEnt progressive Jackpot Slots

Reel Island is the best place to go and play NetEnt Jackpot slots, they have a section on site dedicated to NetEnt Jackpot slots so it’s easy find them and play. There is also a ‘latest winners’ feed so you can see who’s been playing what.

We also have a Jackpot Winners section on in the menu located to the right, here we mention the jackpot winners and where they won, how they won, from what spin/bet they won and on what device. Hopefully, you’ll be added to that section too.