NetEnt Has Paid Out Over £69 Million in Jackpots Throughout 2017!

NetEnt 2017 Jackpot WinsIt’s no secret that NetEnt consistently manages to be one of the most popular online and mobile slots and casino games developers out there because of the high quality of the gaming opportunities it offers to players. However, there’s another element to NetEnt games – other than the great gameplay, fantastic graphics and innovative features – that keeps players coming back to the developer’s games again and again: their winning potential.

Not only can NetEnt afford to make its games some of the most high paying generally on the market, it’s also a developer which is happy to bury players in huge jackpots. So many of the slots in the NetEnt roster are jackpot games, that there are entire casinos dedicated to NetEnt jackpots. It’ll come as little surprise to most, then, to learn that in the 12 months of 2017, NetEnt games across all casinos that carry them managed to pay out a staggering €78m (approx. £69m)!

NetEnt’s Jackpot Domination

There’s a number of reasons that NetEnt has been able to pay out such an Earth shattering amount of money in jackpots over the last year, and that starts with the fact that there have been more than 320 jackpot wins on NetEnt slots through the entirety of 2017. This is thanks to the fact that a much higher proportion of the NetEnt back catalogue carry with them the promise of progressive jackpot wins, and that NetEnt games can be found at so many casinos that there are simply more players engaged with them than any other developer.

The four NetEnt games which paid out the most over the last year just so happen to be (unsurprisingly) the four global accumulative jackpot games NetEnt has in its roster. Those games are Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Arabian Nights and Hall of Gods, and between them, they are credited with transforming the lives of dozens of lucky players through 2017 (and even before).

The Biggest Payer – Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams by NetEntWhile there are plenty of NetEnt games doing a lot of work to drive up the values being paid out to players around the world, there’s no denying that there’s one game that more than any other is doing loads of work to ensure player lives are getting changed almost every month! That game is Mega Fortune Dreams, which in the few short years of its existence has become one of the world’s most popular jackpot games, and is responsible for the single largest accumulated payout total of 2017.

Even right up to the end of the year it was changing lives, with two players claiming jackpots of €3.3m, and €3.5m respectively.

Overall, Mega Fortune Dreams paid out an astonishing €30.4 million over the last 12 months, making it by far NetEnt’s most generous slot, and the game responsible for the most new millionaires in 2017. Looking forward to 2018, we can’t make any promises about these figures saying the same, but there’s a fair assumption to be made that Mega Fortune Dreams will continue to be big jackpot payer. So, while you should spread you bets, and keep your eyes peeled for great new jackpot games due to hit out favourite casinos, this is the game we’ll be looking to in expectation of new wonders.