NetEnt Launches New Free Round Widget for Personalised Casino Rewards

NetEnt Free Round WIdget Last week saw NetEnt both launch its final slot releases of the year – in the form of Finn and the Swirly Spin – and announce its roadmap for Q1 of 2018 – which lets us know what we have to look forward to in terms of game releases over the next three months. However, while most people have been getting all excited about the headline slots coming our way, NetEnt also quietly released one piece of software last week that has the potential to transform the way we play at NetEnt casinos; the Free Round Widget.

The reason you’re unlikely to have heard of this release is because it’s not technically related to a game release, but is in fact a piece of software that NetEnt casinos can add to their platform, which allows them to reward their players in brand new ways, and on their terms.

About the NetEnt Free Round Widget

As part of the NetEnt Engage series of plugins, the Free Round Widget is designed to get players enjoying more of the great gaming content NetEnt offers. The leading digital games provider is toting the widget as fun and innovative, as it aims to offer brand new and personalised ways for casinos carrying NetEnt gaming products to reward their customers, and build brand loyalty.

Effectively, the widget is simply a plugin which NetEnt casinos can choose to add to their sites. They can they use the widget to reward their players with free rounds to play on NetEnt games featured at the casino. It’s a way for casinos to personalise their free rounds offerings, by adjusting how players earn their rewards.

Will All Casinos Offer the Same Rewards?

netent imageIn short: no. No, the Free Round Widget is all about customisation, and allows the casinos at which it’s installed to go into a lot of depth when deciding how to reward their own players. Everything from how you earn your free rounds, to how many you receive and on which games can all be chosen by the casino, meaning you’re likely to have a unique experience with the widget wherever you interact with it.

And the Widget is more customisable even far beyond just the bonuses and games that it offers. Aesthetically, casinos will be able to add their own branding, and bring the widget in line with their theme, making it seem every bit a part of their site. This means in practice that, while the functionality will be very much the same, the widget is likely to look very different from one casino you play at to the next!

How to Find the Free Round Widget

Right now, NetEnt has only just released the software, and there’s no word on which casinos will be taking up the offer of adding it onto their platform. Those that choose to will need to spend some time upload the widget onto their sites before you’ll be able to use it. However, given the ease with which the widget allows casinos to reward their players, it seems reasonable that all the best NetEnt casinos will bring the feature on board in the near future.