NetEnt Games Not Working: Troubleshooting Guide

netent-logo-loading-brokenHave you ever gone to your favourite video slot by NetEnt only to find that it isn’t working? Have you then gone onto find other NetEnt slots to find that they aren’t working either? As a matter of fact, no NetEnt slots seem to be working for you.

This could be down to a myriad of problems, but most of them are easily correctable and you don’t need to be a computer whizz to figure out what’s wrong, either. All you need to do is to follow a couple of troubleshooting tips and you’ll soon be on your way to spinning your favourite slots.


Some Troubleshooting Tips

Here are the top troubleshooting tips that fix common problems with unresponsive NetEnt games.


Install Flash Plug-In

flash-player-1024x576A huge reason why you may not be getting your game to load is because you do not have the latest version of Flash Player available on your web browser. Usually, you need to do very little to fix this.

The game itself might even prompt you to download the plug-in as is expected form most things that rely on Flash Player to operate. If not, then head to the Adobe website to download it. Once installed, you should be up and running in no time.

Many browsers have Flash installed already and they normally update it automatically. However, things can go a bit wobbly from time-to-time so it would be best in those instances to just go and do it yourself.


Use Another Browser


Sometimes, your current browser is simply inadequate to support the game. This can be especially true on a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. This problem can be fixed by simply switching the browser.

For instance, if you’re using Safari on your iPhone, try downloading google Chrome and see if that makes any difference. It might be worth downloading various browsers if the first alternative doesn’t work. Usually, it will though, so such measures are only needed as a last resort.

The best browsers to use with NetEnt games would probably be Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. No offence against Apple or anything, but Safari is something people tend to use as a last resort or to download other browsers.

That was the position Internet Explorer previously occupied but now Microsoft have successfully re-branded it, that position now goes to Safari. Sorry, but it’s true. But if you’re on a mobile device, you can just download the browser from the app store anyway.


Restart Browser

mobile-commuterAn even simpler solution to the browser issue — simply restart your session! This means close your current browser window and open it again so you can try accessing NetEnt games again from scratch.

On your PC, this is fairly simple to accomplish; simply press the big red ‘X’ in the right hand corner of your screen. On your mobile, it may not be all that apparent that you have closed the app. If you’ve pressed your device’s “Home” button and the app disappears, that does not necessarily mean it’s closed.

If you have an Apple device, click the Home button twice to get all the apps, which are still open. Swipe up to close the apps, including the browser. Once done, open the browser and try again. If you have an Android device, you can close the apps by pulling down the home menu and swiping them away too. As a general rule, this is a great way to save battery life as well as a good way to get better access to your NetEnt slot titles.


Check Internet Connection

no wifiThis may well be the first thing you try, but checking your internet connection is certainly a way of ensuring that your NetEnt games will load. Preferably, you’d be using a WiFi connection as that would be generally the most consistent and strongest (unless you’re in your local Starbucks…).

If you are having trouble connecting to WiFi, try looking at your settings and re-entering the password. If it keeps dropping out, it might be worth just turning your WiFi off and using 4G. However, this will use up data allowance and isn’t necessarily better than WiFi.

Using 4G also can be inconsistent. In some areas, it could be stronger than in others. You wouldn’t want to rely on it on the train, for instance, as it could cut out completely while you’re in a tunnel or a remote part of the countryside.

If your train has WiFi, it’s best to hook up to that than rely on something that could eat up your data. In short, though, a rubbish internet connection that prevents NetEnt games form loading properly.


Clean Your Cache

what-is-cache-memoryA little-known fact about your internet browser is that it has what is known as a “cache”, a place where it stores all the data collected throughout all your exploits on the internet.

This includes all the passwords you’ve saved, all the pages you’ve loaded and all the downloads that have occurred by doing so. It is sometimes necessary to clean out your cache because it is overloaded with data and this could be preventing NetEnt games from loading.


What If It Still Doesn’t Work?

All the above problems should fix whatever problem you’re experiencing. However, you may have tried all these things and NetEnt games still won’t load for you. What do you do now? Well, there are really only two things that can be accomplished.


Contact NetEnt Support

Tell NetEnt support what you’ve done and see if they can tell you what might be happening. It may well be an issue on their end. If so, then they will tell you. If not, then they will give you further suggestions that are most sophisticated than the above and, with any luck, this should fix the issue once and for all.


Restart Your Device

More often than not, your device is simply acting up and it needs a restart. Sometimes, turning things on and off again works wonders but should definitely be a last resort in most cases as NetEnt games not loading is a problem that can be fixed without having to turn off your device.