Take a look below at our carefully chosen online casinos that offer NetEnt casino experience throughout 2019. We have rated each casino, listed the opening bonus that you can receive upon signing up and included handy links to visit the casino and/or read a detailed review.

What Can We Expect to see from NetEnt Casinos in 2019

We’re now into another new year and 2019 is set to be a big one for Netent. Some brand new slots have already been launched in January and other titles are already scheduled to be released very soon.

In this article we’re going to explore what to expect from NetEnt in 2019.

We’re here for all NetEnt fans

There are two main reasons behind me taking the time out to do this, firstly it’s an interesting and relevant to cover. Then secondly to give NetEnt lovers and fans out there an in-depth, unique, knowledgeable and insightful read. I do describe myself as a NetEnt Expert so I feel it only right to demonstrate that. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I know so much and can deliver. So taking a moment from the news articles I really want to deliver something special to NetNet fans and explain why we have the chosen the NetEnt Casinos I have.

What We’ll look at

2019 is set to be exceptional in everywhere and the topics I feel to be of the most interest are relevance are:

  • What makes a NetEnt Casino a NetEnt Casino.
  • What 2019 has delivered to NetEnt Casinos in 2019.
  • Why are there so many NetEnt Casinos emerging in 2019.
  • Will we see as many New NetEnt Casinos in 2019 compared to previous years?
  • NetEnt Casino Bonuses in 2019.
  • NetEnt Casino free spins Spins in 2019.
  • NetEnt Casino Offers and Promotions in 2019.
  • Jurisdiction and regulations of NetEnt Casinos in 2019.

It’s taken quite a lot of time researching and investigating, as well as drawing upon my own knowledge so I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

NetEnt Casino

New Player Bonus

1.casumo casino100% first deposit bonus up to £300 + 20 free spins Spins8.4READ REVIEWPLAY NOW
2. kerching350% up to £5009.1READ REVIEWPLAY NOW
3.100% + 50 free spins Spins9.1READ REVIEWPLAY NOW
4.jackpot strike casino400% up to £809.1read reviewplay now
5.dunder casino200% up to £509.8READ REVIEWPLAY NOW
6.NetEnt Casinos150% + 10 free spins Spins9.4read reviewplay now
7.NetEnt Casinos100% up to £1,0009.2READ REVIEWPLAY NOW
8.Grand-Ivy-Casino100% + 25 Bonus Spins9.2read reviewplay now
9.Bet victor netent casino list200% up to £2009.2READ REVIEWPLAY NOW
10.netent casinos200% up to £2,0009.1READ REVIEWPLAY NOW

What makes a Casino a NetEnt Casino

This is more than offering a few NetEnt slot games on the casino. What makes a casino a NetEnt Casino is being able to offer players a wide variety of slot games, new and old. Also NetEnt have casino games like poker and blackjack and live casino including roulette. These are features we expect to see when a casino claims to be NetEnt.

The overall feel of our NetEnt casino is reviewed too. The casino has to emulate similar qualities that represent NetEnt such as theme, design, innovation and creativity. NetEnt produce high standards and entertaining slots so we expect a NetEnt casino to represent fun, entertainment and to deliver a high level of service.

Reel Island Casino is the best example of this and to me truly defines what a great NetEnt Casino is. They have a huge range of slots and casino games Reel Island also has the design nailed with a fantastic homepage and theme throughout.

What 2016 has delivered to Netent Casinos in 2019

NetEnt are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and success and this is shown in every element of a NetEnt product. As a result casinos can greatly benefit from this since players can have access to the best online slots going.

In 2019 we saw at least one slot being launched a month by Netent that means there were over 15 slots in total which is pretty impressive.

Some online slot games have already faded into the background but others really made their mark. Such as Finn and the Swirly Spin, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild, Planet of the Apes, Butterfly Staxx and, of course, Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel.

NetEnt also bagged themselves many rewards in 2019:

EGR Awards:

  • Innovation in RNG Casino Software.
  • RNG Casino Supplier.
  • Mobile Supplier, for the fourth year running.

2019 also saw the launch of several casinos, such as Sloty casino, and are continuing their rise to top throughout 2019.

Why are there so many NetEnt Casinos emerging in 2019

It’s hard to keep up with all of the new casinos and new NetEnt casinos being launched and some are better than others. I am very choosy when it comes to NetEnt casinos since not all have the same level of service. But we can’t escape the fact that NetEnt are so popular. Making many casinos wanting to be apart of that in order to attract NetEnt lovers.

But when you suddenly see a surge of casinos with NetEnt slots and games what has happened is that NetEnt products have been integrated into a network of casinos such as Nektan which is what GoWin are part of, Progress Play and Dragon Fish.

While most of the casinos and slot sites are good, there will be some on the network with a below average level of service. When there are so many sites under a network it’s extremely difficult to vet them, Dragonfish is an example of this. Smaller networks or standalone sites tend to deliver a higher level of standard.

Will we see as many New NetEnt Casinos in 2019 compared to previous years?

NetEnt Casinos have been on the rise since 2011, since 2014 it has boomed and in 2015 there were over 100 casinos with NetEnt slots and games being launched. In 2019 this trend continues and it’s likely to continue, but as we move into the second and third quarters, expect to see a more steady number of casinos appearing.

Due to competition and strict gambling laws less and less casinos will be able to emerge or even survive. In the fourth quarter of 2019 I foresee a dramatic shift in the entire industry. We will begin to see casinos close down, so be selective when choosing where to play as a reputable NetEnt casino is the best place a player can play.

NetEnt Casino Bonuses in 2019

For many years now seeing 200% plus bonuses has been usual but lower bonuses have become much more widespread in 2019. Gone are the days where you will see a sea of 500% first deposit bonuses trying to tempt players in. Why? For two reasons, firstly it’s very expensive for casinos to give away bonuses. Secondly, players are tied into requirements ultimately making it a bit pointless to have such high bonuses other than a bit of gameplay.

We anticipate all big first deposit bonuses to be cut down to 100% or 150% at most, but don’t be surprised if you spot a 50% first deposit bonus. Players do have the option when depositing not to take the bonus so as not to be tied into any requirements.

Leo Vegas is slightly different to this as they will automatically add the bonus to your balance. But the first part is the player’s money and will act as such so if you win you won’t be restricted. But if you lose your money, you will begin to play with the bonus money and when you do the usual requirements will apply i.e. wagering requirements.

Reel Island Casino is much easier, upon depositing you are given the option to either take or not to take the bonus

NetEnt Casino free spins Spins in 2019

Much like NetEnt Casino bonuses, expect to see a demise in NetEnt casino free spins spins too. When we say free spins spins there are two types of free spins spins:

  • No deposit free spins spins –  which means you just have to sign up to a sign in order to receive free spins spins.
  • free spins spins after deposit – As you can imagine this is when you receive free spins spins after depositing.

Throughout 2019 expect to also see a variety of free spins spins offers such as ‘get 140 free spins spins’. But the free spins spins would be spread out over a few days so you actually receive 20 free spins spins a day for seven consecutive days. This could apply either before or after depositing. I would always double check the terms to make sure you don’t end up with a surprise.

Expect to see very few no deposit free spins spin offers about and the reason being it costs casinos money when players take up this offer and bonus abuse can take place. This is when one player sets up multiple accounts to take advantage of the free spins spins offer. But once discovered any winnings will be voided.

I also forecast a small drop in free spins spins after deposit too, again this is because it costs a casino money. But it’s the most practical way to offer free spins spins to NetEnt fans.  Meaning you guys will still be able to enjoy NetEnt free spins spins throughout 2019.

NetEnt Casino Offers and Promotions in 2019

As 2019 continues, I’m already seeing so pretty impressive offers and promotions. This is the ideal way to stand out from the crowd, attract new players and keep existing players interested. I predict we’ll not only see more casino promotions emerge but that most casinos will begin to have them. Also expect to see a promotional offer with every new NetEnt slot release.

Leo Vegas are really leading the way with this. For instance, in conjunction with NetEnt’s Guns N Roses slot they gave away a package to one lucky winner. This included a trip to LA, spending money, concert tickets and much much more.

Jurisdiction and regulations of NetEnt Casinos in 2019

The Gambling Commission has released its strategy for 2019-2020. In the UK it remains legal to gamble online but protective measures will be stricter than ever.

“The strategy sets out the regulator’s focus and commitment in five priority areas:

  • protecting the interests of consumers.
  • preventing harm to consumers and the public.
  • raising standards in the gambling market.
  • optimising returns to good causes from lotteries.
  • improving the way the Commission regulates.”

It’s important to note that our NetEnt casinos work hard to ensure players are protected and happy. But as a player it’s important you’re aware gambling is not an investment but entertainment or a leisure activity.

We can expect to see many changes by NetEnt casinos 2019. This is mostly due to the level of competition out there and the knowledge players now possess. I view competition and knowledge as powerful tools since this is what’s pushing the boundaries of excellence. This is something all Netent casinos should be aiming to maintain.

I’ve worked really hard on this page so I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it and find it really informative. I constantly update the NetEnt Casino you see featured ensuring you guys get to play at the best NetEnt Casino.

AllNetEntCasinos Guide – Best UK NetEnt Casinos

When it comes to the best NetEnt casinos, it’s hard to know where to begin. This is due to NetEnt’s sheer popularity in the iGambling community. So many mobile casinos out there use NetEnt content: their slots, their table games, even their jackpots. They have become the industry standard – that’s how widespread they are and some of their games are used as advertisements on almost every casino’s lobby page. They are simply unmatched in the market, aside from a few other developers that come fairly close.
This is why just typing ‘netent casinos’ into Google brings up way too many results for any one person to handle – it’s simply too broad a search. What about NetEnt Casinos? What kind of NetEnt casinos? Putting a more specific word in the search, such as netent casinos no deposit, netent casino no deposit free spins spins or netent casino welcome bonus can bring out some better findings.
Today, we’re going to look at the search term ‘netent casino uk’ and show you the best results you can get from a search engine, so that you don’t have to. And by ‘netent casino uk,’ we’re talking about mobile casinos that feature NetEnt slots and NetEnt games, as well as have have a license to trade in the UK. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these NetEnt casinos were first set up in the UK, but overall they must have a gambling license to operate on our shores.

Why NetEnt Casinos in UK?

Because the UK online gambling market is one of the hardest to get into. To obtain a UKGC license and have the ability to operate legally is seen as extremely impressive among many in the mobile gambling community, especially those who come from overseas. Not to inflate our own sense of importance too much, but it’s also a proven fact that the UK gambling market is also one of the biggest in the world.
Yes, the world. Not just Europe. Then again, it’s not all that surprising given the sheer number of countries where gambling is still illegal (the United States, surprisingly, being one of them). So when NetEnt casinos do well over here, it is significant. Without further ado, here are the top nine UK NetEnt casinos listed in no particular order for you to enjoy.

A few netent casinos summaries</3>

Reel Island Casino

Reel Island’s NetEnt games list can hardly be called its primary feature, but it sure acts like it is. As soon as players log onto the main page, their eyes go to the huge advertisements for classic NetEnt slots such as Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest. Some may argue that for NetEnt casinos this is pretty regular, but nobody does this as much as Reel Island.
That’s not even covering how much NetEnt’s primary mascots and marketing images play into their promotional material either. Naturally, if you’ve got NetEnt content and paid big bucks to obtain it, then you might as well flaunt it – it could be the difference between attracting new players and turning them away. NetEnt casinos always get away with free spinsvagant advertising purely because they’re NetEnt casinos.
That, by no means, should make a mobile casino believe that it isn’t worth putting any other kind of content available on their site – that would be foolish. Thankfully, Reel Island is one of those UK-licensed NetEnt casinos that has plenty of content aside from NetEnt slots, making it a rather diverse casino to be a part of.
In fact, it has so many games that we feel the named ‘Reel Island’ is justified. If you were stuck on a desert island with only these slots to enjoy, you’d be more than happy. Well, you’d probably be better off with some food and water than NetEnt casinos and their content, but we won’t get into that right now.
There’s a reason why Reel Island is one of those NetEnt casinos that appears not just on our ‘best’ list, but many other reviews sites’ lists too. With quick withdrawal times, a wide variety of games and weekly promotional deals that make us very happy, it’s doubtless one of the best mobile casinos out there full stop.
Many NetEnt casino reviews rate it positively with an overall 80% approval rating from players. In case you didn’t know, that’s pretty high approval rating, considering the average for more mobile casinos out there barely scratch 70%. Naturally, with such a saturated market, there’s going to be a lot of bad stuff. Reel Island, thankfully, is one of the better NetEnt casinos.
Among all the NetEnt paraphernalia, you can play NYX, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Lighting Box and Quickspin classics like King Kong, Emoticoins and Dragon Born. It’s definitely one of those NetEnt casinos that’s made for slot-lovers and it nails that part down and then some. It’s remarkable how much they have achieved and continue to do to this day. At Reel Island, you can enjoy bonuses on select days of the week and you’ll get more than your money’s worth if you play them right.

Grand Ivy Casino

Another of those NetEnt casinos with a high apporoval rating, Grand Ivy is an operator that tops charts on what constitutes a really good casino. And with a welcome bonus of up to £300, it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie? Grand Ivy likes to promote itself with an air of glamour, being an example of what some players might call a ‘luxurious casino,’ i.e. a casino that deliberately tries to emulate an atmosphere of a real-life one. Not that NetEnt casinos can’t exist in real life, but you know what we mean.
Very few NetEnt casinos mange to pull this off and we think Grand Ivy is one of those few. With a simple format, Grand Ivy doesn’t exactly flaunt its NetEnt games like Reel Island does. In fact, it puts its aesthetic above all else, utilising effective gold and black colour combinations to pull off that wealthy, glamourous air that can only be experienced in the most high-end casinos.
Think James Bond movies or those high-roller NetEnt casinos that seem completely unacessible to a general audience. The kind where the men wear tuxes and the women wear sparkly cocktail dresses and everyone has a smile brighter than the sun.
On the other hand, Grand Ivy is not one of those truly exclusive NetEnt casinos as many players across the UK can access it. With its welcome bonus, you can also get a 100 free spins spins to use on select NetEnt slots. And they, like Reel Island, certainly have plenty of those. It’s quite staggering, but the sheer amount of slots on display here truly puts all doubt from our minds that all these NetEnt casinos are secretly trying outdo one another in terms of content.
That’s not even going into the amount of promotional offers Grand Ivy has, which complement their NetEnt games list wonderfully. Not to harp on too much about NetEnt casinos and their appearance, but Grand Ivy really is a good-looking casino, so much so that it’s memorable as well as pleasing. Of course, evoking the inconography of the classic casino aesthetics helps, but you’d think with the sheer amount of NetEnt casinos that already do this, it would just fall into the background with little consequences.

Spin Station Casino

Spin Station is one of those NetEnt casinos that make online gambling an absolute breeze. We mean it when we say that. Not only are withdrawals times twice as fast, but the site is as easy to operate on mobile devices as it is on desktop, making it an absolute joy for all NetEnt casino lovers who play remotely. With a unique design too, this site is definitely one of the most unique-looking NetEnt casinos on our list, with a kind of textile background that’s comfortable. Kind of odd for a mobile casino, but that’s precisely what we love about Spin Station!
As far as the best NetEnt casinos go, it’s an extremely tough contender. Established only last year, it has risen up the ranks quickly and can be considered one of the UK’s iGambling industry’s golden children when it comes to providing entertaining content. The extensive list of slots is mind-numbing and provides such a wide and varied selection that choosing a game to settle with becomes quite a difficult task.
Not that that’s a bad thing: we love being spoilt for choice at NetEnt casinos! This might be intimidating for news players as they may not be clued-up on where the best place is to start when it comes to their first mobile gambling experience. Our advice is to look up casino and game reviews to get a good idea what to look for.
Rather than advertising their more glamourous side like other NetEnt casinos such as Grand Ivy, Spin Station likes to promote all of its jackpots on top of the NetEnt stuff with all the other developer material they have obtained. And why not show that off? It’s like having a really fancy sports car that you want to show to everyone. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?
What it outdoes Grand Ivy on is the whopping welcome bonus of up to £2,000. Obviously, it’s broken up into different parts, but the sheer amount of money here for a welcome bonus blasts a lot of other mobile casinos out of the water by default.
So, yeah. If you’re looking for NetEnt casinos that are incredibly generous and accommodating, then Spin Station was made for you. On the other hand, don’t be too drawn in by a welcome bonus. Be sure to look at the NetEnt games list a mobile casino has before signing up on a whim.
Spin Station is great and definitely needs to be higher up on people’s list. If nothing else, the withdrawal times are quick and banking in general is a treat. We don’t know how banking can be made into a treat at NetEnt casinos, but there you are! Spin Station achieves it. Brownie points for all around.

Pocket Fruity Casino

Established in 2012, Pocket Fruity has been at the whole gambling thing for quite some time now. As a result, it’s developed a reputation and a good one at that. Being one of the truly mobile NetEnt casinos on this list, Pocket Fruity provides a unique experience in that it is purely a site built for mobile users. You shouldn’t judge the website too harshly, as it admittedly has a rather basic design which, could be a fatal mistake.
On the other hand, this one of those NetEnt casinos that is unique and is designed to be as minimal as possible, so that it can be operational across devices. However, we do understand that it’s quite frustrating for purely mobile NetEnt casinos to appear as though it neglects its proper ‘desktop’ website for the sake of appeasing to mobile players in particular. Pocket Fruity isn’t so neglectful that desktop players aren’t given any decent content. As a matter of fact, there’s still plenty to look for when exploring Pocket Fruity, so don’t log off because of something which is superficial. A true NetEnt casinos fan wouldn’t mind.
Unlike many NetEnt casinos, Pocket Fruity may not be the most prolific either, but it does have heart and that can be exceedingly rare. The secure SSL encryption and stellar customer service platform are simply added bonuses on what is already a small, but mighty mobile casino. It’s cliché, but it’s true that great things come in small packages.
And for most NetEnt casinos, sometimes they’re a little too large for their boots. That’s not even going into the fact that Pocket Fruity provide a perfectly apt section on their website dedicated to Slingo: the popular hybrid of bingo and slots that provides a unique, fun experience to all players.
It’s not too difficult to believe that we want to see this NetEnt casino talked about a bit more. Seriously, it’s almost a crime how underrated this mobile casino is. We get that NetEnt casinos have to look pretty on desktop and mobile in order to make it in the mobile gambling world, but looks aren’t everything, you know!

Prospect Hall Casino

Another casino that likes to promote glamour, Prospect Hall is aptly named as it really does have a lot of prospects, which we’d say is typical for NetEnt casinos. Prospect Hall goes above and beyond what’s expected for such a mobile casino and delivers in droves what players want, including lots of NetEnt slots, generous promotions and a completely mobile experience that can be handled either by desktop or through a mobile device. NetEnt casinos shouldn’t, after all, be exclusive to one or the other.
With an instant-play format, Prospect Hall is one of those NetEnt casinos that is quick to load and even quicker to start playing with. For iOS players, on the other hand, there’s even more content to be enjoyed simply by downloading their app. That isn’t to say there isn’t enough for Android users or users in general, come to think of it. It’s actually pretty extensive what they’ve got on offer. Not just in games, but in flexible and varied content that makes the player experience become a much more fulfilling one.
It’s little wonder then why it appears on so many NetEnt casino reviews as one of the best out there. In fact, we can guarantee that every mobile player has encountered Prospect Hall in one way or another, which could’ve been through advertising or through a simple hyperlink on the sidebar of NetEnt casinos websites like ours. As a matter of fact, you might have seen it advertised on our site already – it gets around like that!
So, what kind of prospects can you find at Prospect Hall? How about a welcome bonus of up to £300 plus 100 free spins spins? It might not live up to what other NetEnt casinos are offering, but it’s a nice kickstarter and it makes for a healthy preqreuisite into the other promotional material available at Prospect Hall. This includes prize draws, cash bonuses and free spins spins.

Bet Victor Casino

If you want one of those NetEnt casinos that has a minimal design and a slick aesthetic, Bet Victor is the site for you. With yet another solid rating of around 80% from the majority of its players, it offers top-notch gaming for both mobile and desktop online players. It also provides an excellent customer service platform, which we can all use for trouble-shooting. Tight security is also a promise and provides players with a massively secure and unique experience. NetEnt casinos should all be as unique as possible, after all.
There is plenty of NetEnt content to enjoy, all of the classic slots like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Aloha! Cluster Pays. Yet, there are also plenty of jackpots and table games too. The best part of Bet Victor, though? It gives you £50 in free sports bets and £10 in free casino bonus if you bet £10 or more upon signing up. While not exactly a NetEnt slots-oriented bonus, this is merely the first part of a welcome offer that allows players to gain up to another £100 plus 100 free spins spins to go with that can be used on select games. This is why NetEnt casinos are considered some of the best.
Fast payout times are incredibly common here too, sometimes taking less than a day to complete. Getting your winnings quicker means you’ll have a much better time at Bet Victor than you otherwise would have. And in addition to all the NetEnt content, you also get to enjoy Microgaming slots and other games, just so that things don’t become too stale.
In any case, we can guarantee that your time at Bet Victor will be a prosperous one. It’s an extremely versatile NetEnt casino that gives players exactly what they want as well as what they need: decent promotions, a large repertoire of games and a short withdrawal period. Nobody wants to wait around for their money and nobody wants to wait around for their game to load. If this kind of thing appeals to you then Bet Victor is definitely the rigth NetEnt casino for you.

Mr Green Casino

Now we come to Mr Green, the NetEnt casinos to end all NetEnt casinos. Having come from the same country that NetEnt originated (Sweden), it’s only natural that this phenomenal casino would use their software. Casino reviews everywhere rave about the pairing, calling it a match made in heaven. For you see, alongside its insane selection of NetEnt material, Mr Green has arguably some of the best promotional deals on the market.
With holidays to far-flug Asian countries, enormous cash prizes and tons of free spins spins it’s little wonder why Mr Green is not only one of the best mobile NetEnt casinos out there, but one of the best NetEnt casinos – full stop. It’s hard to compare it to other casinos because… well, it’s hard for them to live up to. On top of stellar customer support and withdrawal times that are super quick, many other up-and-coming NetEnt casinos don’t stand a chance.
The simple and sleek design of Mr Green is what makes up a lot of its appeal too, with a brand identity that is easily recognisable and exudes quality. Of course, NetEnt casinos always do this, but Mr Green is something special. All 100+ of the NetEnt slots available are put alongside other slots from developers such as BetSoft, Quickspin, Microgaming and IGT.
While this is far from a UK-only casino as it has the license to trade across many countries in Europe alone, its UK player base is definitely one of the strongest, so that means us Brits mean a lot to the staff behind Mr Green. NetEnt casinos don’t come more readily available than this!
And we should continue to support them. There isn’t any reason not to, but sometimes it’s hard to root for those big NetEnt casinos when they are doing so well. “They’re doing just fine on their own,” you might think. “Why would they need my money?” Well, if you choose not to go with Mr Green, then that’s your business. However, you’ll be seriously missing out on some of the best gambling experiences of your life, potentially even garnering a big win or two. At NetEnt casinos like Mr Green, it’s always a pleasure to gamble.
With banking options and withdrawal requirements that are also fairly reasonable, you can’t go wrong, really. Mr Green simply oozes style and sophistication, which is why we love them so much. They always know what players want and almost always deliver – trust us when we say NetEnt casinos don’t get much better than this.

Royal Panda Casino

For a casino with a cuddly name like Royal Panda, you’d think it would be a little hard to take it seriously. NetEnt casinos, after all, are pretty serious business. On the contrary, the class and sophistication it exudes could rival that of Grand Ivy. And it certainly is indeed royal with a capital R, treating players like kings by giving them exactly what they want. Okay, maybe another exaggeration, but still we can’t help it when it comes to one of our favourite NetEnt casinos.
Alongside Royal Panda’s impressive catalogue of NetEnt games, they have an extensive list of banking options available, plus a robust SSL security system that is a trump card over a lot of NetEnt casinos, which makes for some secure gambling. That’s not to mention the fact Royal Panda have a strong social media presence, which informs their players on all the latest deals and games they can find at their casino. If you’re UK player in particular, they offer up a 100% deposit match welcome bonus of up to £100, plus 10 free spins spins you get to use on selected NetEnt slots.
Meanwhile, after you have signed up, you can enjoy content produced by rival slot developer Microgaming. Again, as much as we love NetEnt casinos and their content, it’s difficult to deny that they seem all the better when put side-by-side with other slots from elsewhere. Otherwise, things would get bland incredibly quickly. Not that you can get bored of Royal Panda.
You should join because Royal Panda has a great selection of promotional material to go alongside their games and because they have great customer support, like most NetEnt casinos. Only, the chat line has some rather limiting opening hours which make it difficult to access if you’re gambling before work at 9AM. On the other hand, Royal Panda is such a joy to be at that it’s easy to overlook this small oversight. Then again, you can just work around it so it’s not a massive problem anyway.

Sapphire Rooms Casino

Finally, we reach Sapphire Rooms – one of those NetEnt casinos that uses the Nektan interface and a lovely, calming blue theme. With a £500 welcome bonus, this makes it another one of those mobile NetEnt casinos that likes to dish out the goods generously and frequently. Nearly every day of the week, you could win a cash bonus to make things much more exciting. This isn’t even going into the extensive amount of games they have.
Naturally, being a Nektan casino, as well as having the license to use NetEnt slots, they have the permission to use software from Microgaming, NYX, Interactive, NextGen, Realistic Games, Aristocrat and Lightning Box. And, of course, being a Nektan casino they have a naturally smooth website design that is simple to navigate even for the most inexperienced user. This means things like customer service, banking, promotions and all of their gaming content are all accessible from the click of a button.
This doesn’t mean that being a Nektan casino doesn’t come without having its own flaws. For instance, the uniformity of the Nektan website layout, though useful, is used for every website that uses their license, giving it a rather uniform look and a “been-there-done-that” vibe. On the other hand, Sapphire Rooms is one of those NetEnt casinos that has gone out of its way to make things seem different.
Its theme alone makes for a visually pleasing experience and, like we said, has a very calming colour scheme, which is probably the best state to be in before you partake in any gambling. After all, no sensible bet was made while that person is irate or frustrated and this goes for any operator, not just for those NetEnt casinos.
Sapphire Rooms is available to anyone with a mobile device, but can be accessed via desktop as well as a tablet or a phone – as all NetEnt casinos should be. In fact, it looks gorgeous on both and we highly recommend you try both methods out to get a complete experience. Who knows, you might even develop a preference for one or the other. One thing’s for sure, though. You’ll be made comfortable at this mobile casino and then some. What else have you got left to lose? Log on today and claim your £500 welcome deposit bonus!

What are NetEnt Free Spins?

NetEnt Free Spins are a form of bonus incentive given to new or existing players by online casino’s. These are offered to players so they can try out their favourite online slots before depositing real money. It is common that free spins will be set to a select few slots or in some cases, just one.

NetEnt are the main slot provider that allow casino’s the ability to offer free spins on their games as a bonus to players. Dependant on the casino, you could get anywhere between 5 and 200 free spins and is a real bonus to players.

It’s an excellent chance to try out your favourite or brand new slots for free with a real chance of winning at the same time.

How to get NetEnt Free Spins?

The best way to get your hands on NetEnt free spins is to join a casino that you have not previously registered at. free spins are commonly used for welcome bonuses so if you are brand new to the casino, you qualify for the free spins. A decent number of casino’s currently offer free spins but some don’t. To make life easy we have compiled a list (above) of online casinos currently offering free spins to new players.

Note: Most casinos will require you to sign up, register valid details and enter a valid debit or credit card before releasing the free spins in your account.

This is nothing to worry about. It’s common practice and online casinos need to verify players when giving out bonuses which players can win real money from. After all, this is gambling and we all prefer to be safe and secure when dealing with money.

Another way of getting hold of free spins is to look out for marketing emails from the casino’s you have already played at. Many online casinos will reward your loyalty and promote new games with free spins so keep your eye out for these.

How to use NetEnt Free Spins?

First of all you need to check which slots are eligible for the use of free spins. You need to check the terms and conditions of the casino to find this out. Normally it will be between 1 and 4 slots but it’s possible more maybe included.

Once you have chosen the slot or slots you wish to use your free spins on, you simply have to hit the ‘Spin’ button.

free spins are always have a set stake and this cannot be changed. The minimum bet is the normal setting for free spins.

Once you have spun all your free spins your finishing balance will become bonus funds. To withdraw these funds, you will need to complete the rollover requirements. The rollover requirements differ from each online casino but we explain further in the next section.

Wagering Requirements

As the saying goes, nothing is ever free. Well, with free spins it pretty much totally free. However, there is a process to complete if you are looking to withdraw any winnings from the free spins.

It would be crazy to expect online casinos to simply give you X amount of free spins and let you withdraw the winnings. It would be like walking into a supermarket and them saying ‘You can have 10 free bottles of milk today and you don’t have to spend anything in our store’. Whilst we would certainly enjoy it, it’s not how it works.

So, wagering requirements. Let’s say you have won £10 from your free spins. In order to withdraw you will need to rollover this amount a certain amount of times. ‘Rollover’ means the amount staked on slot spins, so 10 spins on Starburst at £1 per spin would see you rolling over £10.

The most common amount to rollover free spins winnings in 35 times. So using the £10 example you would need to rollover (stake on slot spins) a total of £350. Some casinos set the rollover as high as 60x.

This will sound high but as mentioned before, it is something for free so it’s not going to be easy to withdraw cash for nothing. It certainly can be achieved though. It only takes one or two decent wins early on and you can bet sensibly to stake enough money to withdraw.

And finally, there is maximum amounts you can win from free spins. Online Casino’s need to protect themselves from paying out large sums of money with no money coming in so expect to be able to win up to £100 as a maximum. This means if you were to rollover your free spins winnings and have an ending balance of say £300, you would be entitled to withdraw £100 and the remaining £200 would be wiped.

Don’t feel cheated though as remember, it’s still FREE money that you haven’t had to risk anything for.

Why NetEnt Casino’s give Free Spins?

First and foremost netent casinos offer free spins as an incentive to hopefully attract new players. As with any business, some kind of offer will be available to tempt you to spend your money with that particular brand.

Previously casino’s used deposit match bonuses as a welcome bonus and then followed no deposit bonuses. These are still used today and you will often find yourself receiving free spins plus a percentage deposit match bonus.

To summary, it’s a very good way of allowing new players to trial and test a casino before depositing real money. Take advantage of the free spins and when you find a casino you like, get playing for real and withdraw your winnings without rollover requirements.