NetEnt Announces Live Beyond Live Collaboration with Mr Green Casino

Live Beyond Live Environment It’s a well-established fact, now, that each year at London’s ICE conference, NetEnt will announce some huge new development. Whether it’s a thrilling new game or some exciting technology fresh from development, the popular developer never fails to enthrall us with its commitment to delivering something truly exciting. So, this week, with the ICE conference once again taking place in the nation’s capital, it was totally unsurprising to discover that NetEnt has something to share with us all, but few could have guessed just how exciting the announcement was going to be.

NetEnt’s New Venture

There’s little doubt that NetEnt is best well-known for its slots, a plethora of which with all kinds of features and styles can be found throughout the online casino world. However, in recent years, the developer has begun focussing more and more of its attention on its range of live dealer casino games – which it operates out of its Malta offices – and has really started raising the bar in the area of live games.

The whole idea of live dealer tables is that they should be an immersive gaming experience, which mimic brick and mortar casinos in as far as they provide a real live host, but take advantage of the benefits of online and mobile gambling – including remote play and new virtual environments. It’s with this in mind that NetEnt has set out on its new venture with Mr Green Casino, which will see the pair try and perfect the formula, and create the ultimate live casino environment.

Live Beyond Live at Mr Green

Mr Green LogoLive Beyond Live is a fully immersive gaming environment at Mr Green – set in the luxury of Mr Green’s penthouse, you’ll find roulette tables, as well as blackjack and baccarat, but unlike any other regular live casino game – where you’re beamed right into the middle of the action – you’ll find that in the penthouse, there are all kinds of moving background assets All this means that you can move around and explore the surroundings of the penthouse, making this much more like virtual reality than just plan live casino gaming.

Some of the key appeals of the Live Beyond Live environment include:

  • Multi-table environment – NetEnt has created an environment using lots of different cameras and angles, meaning you’ll have a better view of the action than ever
  • Ability to see other tables – this is a totally unique element to the environment – players for the first time are able to see around them, and track the results of other tables; NetEnt will even let you know when something exciting happens at another table
  • Improved experience – NetEnt has improved the audio quality, and brought in its classically high quality of graphics

Plat Live Beyond Live Now!

NetEnt LogoWhile the majority of announcements made at ICE conference are the kind which we’ll only see coming to fruition, the great thing about Live Beyond Live is that it’s already available to play now! All you need to do is head on over to Mr Green Casino, and you’ll be able to play. Right now, only mobile players are able to enjoy the new environment, but in the future, a desktop version is planned. While Mr Green’s Penthouse is currently the only available location, more locations are planned for a later date