NetEnt to Launch New Slot Game Themed Around Jumanji

Jumanji LogoEarly last week, NetEnt posted a mysterious video to their YouTube channel, asking for us to check back on Wednesday 17th for an exciting announcement. Of course, speculation was rife in the online and mobile slots world about what the announcement could be – surely a new game, but what would the theme be? Well, we got our answer, and we couldn’t be happier – as suspected there is a new game on its way, and it’s going to be themed around everyone’s favourite super natural board game: Jumanji!

I don’t know about you, but Jumanji was one of the big films from my childhood, and I for one am thrilled that we’re going to get to see a game made out of it, and by NetEnt no less! With its history of creating great, cinematic films out of film material, NetEnt seems like the obvious choice for an adaptation like this. With all the animals and action from the film, there’s an awful lot for the top developer to work with here, and we here at AllNetEntCasino are really looking forward to seeing the result.

The Teaser

It seems only fair that we all get on the same page here, so we thought it seemed only appropriate that we shared the teaser video that announced the slot with you. You can watch it below:

You’ll notice that the teaser mostly just cuts together a montage of footage from the original Jumanji film, with very, very little information about the actual slot, and certainly no glimpses of the gamplay. To be fair though, that is a pretty standard NetEnt move.

Themed Around the New Jumanji Film?

Those attentive readers among you will no doubt have realised that the release of this teaser trailer came just days after the release of a brand new Jumanji film title – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, featuring everyone’s favourite American-Football-Player-cum-pro-wrestler-cum-actor Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, and everyone’s favourite pudgy funny man Jack Black. This has raised questions as to whether this game will be themed around the new movie.

Honestly, it doesn’t look like it. Given the title, and the footage in the teaser trailer, it looks likely that the Jumanji game is going to be themed around the original Jumanji film from 1995, in which the jungle comes to suburban America. We reckon the timing of the teaser release is simply to ride on the hype surrounding the new film, even if it’s not directly connected.

Release Date?

NetEnt, guys, you’re killing us here! While they’re happy to tease the release of the game, they’ve yet to announce the release date of the slot, meaning we’re all set to be on alert for some time now hoping to get news of when it’s going to drop. It’s looking likely it’ll be Q2 of the year, seeing as there was no mention of the slot in the Q1 roadmap, so when the Q2 roadmap is published, we’ll be sure to let you know more information.

Just be careful about that lion!