Live Roulette NetEnt Casino

NetEnt LogoNetEnt is one of the most recognisable names in the online gambling arena. The Swedish development company have been present in the market since its infancy and continue to produce imaginative, market-leading games embedded with stunning visuals and innovative features.

The advent of live casinos revolutionised the online gambling world. An online casino that doesn’t offer a live casino is seriously damaging its brand, without question. For an online gambler, nothing quite replicates the thrill of the live casino.

NetEnt have designed a live casino of their own which exudes the type of high quality and professionalism that NetEnt’s reputation has been built upon. Unsurprisingly, NetEnt live roulette is available at the NetEnt live casino, where you can also play live blackjack NetEnt, which will appeal to those keen on both of these casino classics.


Casino Online NetEnt Live Roulette

Roulette is probably the most popular live casino game, with that spinning wheel bringing a huge rush of anticipation and suspense. Here is some general information about the NetEnt live roulette game:

  • Pay-out rate of 97.3%
  • Bets ranging from a minimum of £1 up to a massive £75,000
  • Place bets during the spin, as you would at a brick-and-mortar casino
  • Able to save bets for easy future use
  • View the chips of up to six players on the tables
  • User-friendly interface

NetEnt Live Casino Custom OptionsThe visual aspect of the live casino provides an altogether classy outlook encapsulating the character of NetEnt in the most discernible way possible. The studio is based in Malta and the English-speaking croupiers guide you through the game professionally and efficiently, conducting their role as dealer effortlessly.

NetEnt’s live roulette works seamlessly on desktops and mobile and tablet devices. The outstanding performance on mobile and tablet devices is particularly impressive. You can choose to play three different styles of roulette through NetEnt live casinos.

European Roulette

  • The principal NetEnt roulette game which follows the classic rule set
  • Betting limits range from £1 to £75,000 per spin, catering to gamblers of all persuasions
  • The interface of NetEnt roulette is very user-friendly, allowing you to toggle between betting options, statistics and even the bets of other players seamlessly. Furthermore, options are easily customised
  • Sharp HD graphics and rich audio provide an altogether fantastic live roulette experience
  • If you are looking to spend big money, the VIP version of European roulette ought to be your choice; this is where the betting limit goes up to a massive £75,000 per spin

French Roulette

  • The difference between European and French roulette is in the La Partage rule. This rule stipulates that if the ball lands on zero and a players/s has made an even bet, these players only lose half their bet

Auto Roulette

  • A little different with no croupier spinning the wheel
  • The gameplay is fully automated
  • The game is broadcast live from a studio in Malta
  • The maximum bet is £20,000 rather than £75,000

The ‘British Roulette’ option isn’t actually some interesting roulette creation as it may appear to be at first glance. It follows the same rules as standard European roulette. With a tick of a box, you can also include the La Partage option. The difference between ‘British Roulette’ and the other NetEnt options is in the croupiers. All the croupiers are native British English speakers which brings a distinctly British feel to this NetEnt roulette option.

The NetEnt live casino also provides NetEnt live rewards specifically connected to their live casino. It is possible to win free spins and other slot bonuses by winning in the NetEnt live casino! This is a great little bonus for those gamblers who enjoy some of NetEnt’s slots, and there are plenty of them.


Play Live Roulette NetEnt With Fellow Competitors

NetEnt Live Roulette 36 RedNetEnt live roulette provides the social aspect of roulette to players in a virtual environment. The chat box allows players to chat just like they would in a real casino. It is also possible to view other player’s bets, which can potentially lead to you betting against, or with, other players. With more players invested in a particular bet, it turns up the notch on the excitement just that bit more.

You can also interact with the croupiers whilst playing NetEnt roulette, which is always a pleasing experience. Native English-speaking croupiers are at hand, as are croupiers with other mother tongues such as Italian, Swedish and Spanish.

The cordial interactions during NetEnt roulette is a fantastic aspect of the whole experience and really brings that brick-and-mortar roulette feel directly to your screen of choice.


Casino Online NetEnt Live Outlets

With all that information you are probably asking which live roulette NetEnt casino I should gamble at. We hear you. Here are our recommendations of casinos which offer the full live NetEnt casino including live blackjack NetEnt casino options:

  • Mr Green. Mr Green performs reliably well among pretty much all rankings of online casinos, and this comes as no surprise. Mr Green is a classy outfit with all the features you could hope for in an online casino. NetEnt games are a big part of Mr Green’s catalogue and Mr Green even has its own bespoke NetEnt game, ‘The Marvellous Mr Green’
  • Hello Casino. For a casino offering the full NetEnt live casino experience, Hello Casino is a fantastic option. It’s a casino which delivers in every department from the bonuses and promotions, to the game selection and with notably fantastic customer service, we are confident in saying that playing at Hello Casino will be a painless experience
  • Unibet. Another great option. Unibet are a longstanding player in the market having been around since 1997 and offer a full NetEnt live casino


NetEnt Live Beyond Live

Mr Green Basic LogoMr Green also offer the NetEnt ‘Live Beyond Live’ option which is a creation formulated between Mr Green and NetEnt. Live Beyond Live aims to provide the LA penthouse casino experience to gamblers worldwide. You are able to navigate around Mr Green’s villa, picking between different roulette and blackjack tables where players are represented as avatars. It is certainly an innovative creation and is typical of NetEnt’s approach.

To conclude, the NetEnt live casino is truly top-of-the-range and provides excitement and quality in abundance. NetEnt live roulette is a brilliant live game to be involved in and quite honestly, live casino gaming just doesn’t get much better.

Many casinos will offer some NetEnt live casino coverage, so be sure to browse around. Still, the three casinos we have outlined are particularly good options for NetEnt live casino gaming. Whatever your choice, we assure you of a fantastic time!