Hooks Heroes | New NetEnt Slot


Hooks Hero’s – Due to launch – 23rd September 2015

The Swedish genius’s at NetEnt are going to be releasing a brand new Online Slot Machine Game called Hook’s Heros due for release on 23rd September 2015. So far in 2015 and the much delight of NetEnt fans, a brand new Online Slot Game has been released every month….. its an exciting year.

Hook’s Heros will be available to play on desktops PC’s, mobiles and tablets.

Not much information has been released about this slot but we have a suspicion that it will be loosely based on the story of Captain Hook from the famous Peter Pan story. We are however wondering about the Hero concept, a few ideas are they’re heroes of Hook, hero’s against Hook or we could be completely barking up the wrong tree and instead of NetEnt basing an Online Slot on a classic story they’re basing it on fishing.

NetEnt tend to come up with creative and wonderful ideas and there aren’t many film based slots, there is The Invisible man, Scarface, Aliens and The Creature from the Black Lagoon to name a few. But the vast majority of NetEnt Online Slots are very unique in terms of style, feel and play, such as Stickers, the worldwide popular Starburst and my personal favourite Reel Rush. So if they did decide to create a Online Slot about fishing we would be incredibly interested to see what they come up with. We may hold an open poll here at allnetentslots.com to see what you all think the theme will be about.