Ways To Get Around The Pay By Phone Bill Deposit Limit

get around problem solutionPay by phone bill is the new black at the online casinos. Such payment methods like Boku are safe, efficient and if anything goes wrong with them, there’s very little at stake. There are many myths about paying by phone bill, however. Some of them are born because of the deposit limit, which certainly makes it less convenient for the players.

The deposit limit itself is no myth, though. Most pay by phone bill services, including Boku, only allows depositing £30 per day. It isn’t a lot of money for many gamblers and many wish the limits were higher. The problem is that the responsible companies have no plans to make them any looser. And there are good reasons why they’re so stern.


Why Is There Pay By Phone Bill Deposit Limit?


pay by phone bill deposit limitThe operators of pay by phone bill services aren’t banks and they don’t want to be. If they allowed unlimited payments, some players would accumulate huge debts before they received their monthly phone bills. Mobile network providers simply fear that some wouldn’t be able to repay their debts in the end, leaving the mobile companies worse off. A £30 deposit limit is the only thing that keeps the vulnerable customers in line.

That being said, the limit is also there for our own convenience. We aren’t talking about the big sharks who spend thousands at online casinos. We’re talking about people who could spend a lot but are really OK with relatively small deposits. The deposit limit is just like a self-imposed limit at a mobile casino, except it’s already there from the start. If you want to reduce your gambling expenses, Boku or other pay by phone bill services are perfect solutions.

That being said, maybe you’re actually better off with the limit? Out of all the phone billing pitfalls, the deposit limit itself isn’t one of them. One can still win millions using only pay by phone bill to make deposits, after all. If you don’t think the same way, maybe such payment methods aren’t for you. However, if you want to use Boku anyway, there are a few ways to get around the deposit limit.


Deposit More Often

Mobile Deposit ConvenienceUnless you need to make a large payment, you can deposit more often instead. Nobody says that you can’t use the service every day, so you may still accumulate around £3,000 in your casino account every month. Of course, this won’t work if you want to make a large payment to maximize the deposit bonus, for example. It’s the only way to invest a large amount of money with phone billing, though. It will take more time and patience, but it’s the best way to counter these limits.


Use Bonuses To Increase Your Casino Funds


boku pay by phone bill bonus

Speaking of deposit bonuses, why not use them to get more than pay by phone bill deposit limit allows? While not exactly a real workaround, you can end up with much more than £30. Be it the welcome bonus or some other promotion, using pay by phone bill method is usually a suitable strategy.

The problem is that you’ll often have to meet some wagering requirements, which may require you to deposit again. If you don’t meet these, the bonuses you get may not be withdrawable at all. That’s a bit of a fuss if your goal was simply to get more than the deposit limit allows, though. In fact, there’s a much simpler way to get around this problem.


Use A Different Payment Method

If these solutions didn’t satisfy you, we’re afraid there’s little else you can do. As already mentioned, the mobile providers and regulators of pay by phone billing aren’t willing to lift the deposit limit. This leaves the dissatisfied players with only one workaround. It’s switching to a different payment method. Who knows, maybe pay by phone bill wasn’t for you in the first place? You can check these five signs to find out.

As for other types of payment methods, there are plenty with very high deposit limits. The most popular ones with very few restrictions are e-wallets like, for example, Skrill. Trustly might also attract your attention as it’s a mobile banking service that works very much like Boku.