Five Signs You Should Switch To Mobile Phone Deposits Today

pay by phone bill casinosMobile phone depositing has really caught on in mobile gambling. In recent years, it’s gone from a somewhat experimental alternative to a legitimate way of putting your money into a wagering account fuss-free. And why shouldn’t it have? Phone bill depositing is an easy, quick way of paying in your money with no complications. You don’t even need a bank account to operate it!

On the other hand, there are still players that don’t use it frequently. They show signs of wanting to, but don’t quite make the push to commit to it and it’s not that phone bill deposits require much commitment. Either way, here are five signs that you should switch to phone bill depositing today.


1. You’re Always In A Rush

rushing throug lifeIf you’re constantly rushed off your feet and you find yourself needing a quick and easy way to deposit, but other methods take too long or aren’t mobile enough, phone bill depositing might be the method for you. After all, it takes little time to complete and it needs little more than a mobile phone reception in order to carry out. It’s the perfect method for commuters in particular, as there’s nothing more mobile than a… well, a mobile phone.

So, busy people are more likely to be get on with it. That isn’t to say that if you’re not always busy you shouldn’t try it out at least once. In fact, we encourage you to. It’s just better suited if you constantly find yourself with a full schedule and need to save a bit of time.


2. You Often Forget Your Credit Cards

credit cards VISASince phone bill deposits require no credit cards to complete a transaction, this method is perfect for people, who cannot remember their card numbers off the top of their heads or if they find themselves leaving their cards at home a lot. It’s the perfect back-up for those, whose memory isn’t what it used to be. Not that we think it’s good practise to leave your credit cards at home all the time, especially when you go out places…

It’s even better when your card ends up lost or stolen. Putting it like this, though, makes mobile phone depositing sound like a Plan B for most people. It could be, but we hope players will see it more than just that.


3. You Hate Creating E-Wallet Accounts

paypal netent casinosEver get tired of feeling like you have to create yet another e-wallet account just to accommodate for the fact that your casino doesn’t have the one you want? Well, with phone deposits, you don’t need to worry about that. All you need to do is send a text to a number and then confirm the amount you sent with a security code that they provide you with.

That’s not to mention that mobile phone deposits are just as if not more secure than those e-wallet services, so you’re not losing anything by ditching all that form-filling you have to do.


4. You Want To Cap Your Spending

Payment limitsMobile phone deposits, by design, have a £30 daily limit on them which can come in very handy if you struggle to stay within your budget. We don’t imagine any serious gambler spends more than £30 a day on gambling (not unless you’re absurdly rich), but it’s good to know that there’s something there to prevent you from going overboard and spending outside your means.

If you’re one of these people, then perhaps it’s time to make the switch to mobile phone deposits. After all, we could all save a little bit more money but shouldn’t have to sacrifice our hobby in order to do that.


5. You Want A More Remote Payment Method

Mobile Payment Confirmation SMSMuch like the player, who finds themselves always in a rush, someone who travels a lot would greatly benefit from using mobile phone deposits. Not only is no internet connection required, but it saves a lot of aggro having to get to a desktop computer just to make a payment.

In short, if you’re in anyway a mobile gambler, mobile phone deposits are the ideal method for anyone on the go. They may be an effective back-up in case your primary payment method is compromised in some way, but they definitely have the potential to be more than just that.