Five Pay By Phone Billing Myths And Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Myth vs FactFor those who may have used pay by phone billing to make a deposit at a mobile casino, it might be difficult to think that there are still players who have never used it. In fact, there are online casino players who outright refuse to. Why is this? Pay by phone billing is one of the easiest, quickest and most convenient payment methods out there. Who wouldn’t try that at least once?

It might be down to circumstance or they simply haven’t got round to it. Or maybe it’s because those people believe common rumours often spread around by those who don’t understand how it works. Today, we’re going to dispel these myths and hopefully show you why pay by phone billing is a perfectly legit way of making a deposit.


Myth #1 : Pay By Phone Billing Is Unsafe

padlockFor many non-pay by phone users, the idea of sending money via a text message must seem terrifying. It certainly seems that way as it doesn’t use the traditional security methods of other payment options. No security password, no PIN number, nothing of that ilk. However, many of those same people would be gob-smacked to learn that pay by phone billing is completely safe compared to those methods, if not more so.

Pay by phone billing only needs you to text the amount of money you intend to deposit (up to £30) and again to confirm that amount. The security aspect comes from the code that the service sends you for that confirmation.

This is a one-time-only thing so the security passcode sent to you will only work fr that transaction, thereby protecting you from future transactions being “hacked”. This is what makes pay by phone billing arguably safer than e-wallets.


Myth #2: Pay By Phone Billing Is Confusing

Question Mark on Mobile

Unless you were born in the Victorian age and never encountered a mobile phone before, there is nothing confusing at all about pay by phone billing. Honestly, it baffles us how this myth even arose! It’s one of the easiest things to do if you can send a text message. And seeing everyone these days can, including their grandmas, then calling pay by phone billing confusing is a downright lie.

As explained before, all you need to do is send on text stating the amount you wish to put into your wagering account, another text confirming that amount and then, boom! You’re done. Easy peasy.


Myth #3: Pay By Phone Billing Is Costly

money out of ukAnother myth that arose out of seemingly nothing, pay by phone billing is often dismissed by non-users as ‘too expensive’ or ‘costly’ in comparison to other methods. We’d like to ask those people on what planet pay by phone billing could possibly become costly. On this planet, it’s completely free to use. The only expenditure you will encounter is that which you want to put into your depositing account.

Services like Boku, which is the go-to phone deposit option at many casinos, have no hidden extra costs and absolutely zero additional fees. This is nothing like many e-wallets who may not charge you for using their services but there might be an additional cost of currency exchange or international payments.


Myth #4: Pay By Phone Billing Is Time-Consuming

never ending clockPlayers, understandably, often worry how long paying a deposit is going to take and with some payment methods that worry is justified. With pay by phone billing, however, it is by no means a time-consuming process. It is literally send a text, get one back, send another then you’re done. You could be playing on your favourite casino site within less than a minute it’s that quick.

With pay by phone billing, there aren’t any long forms to fill out, no accounts you need to create and maintain, no long streams of numbers you’ve got to remember. It is, quite literally, the quickest payment method on the market. This alone makes it worth trying at least once, we believe.


Myth #5: Pay By Phone Billing Needs Credit Cards

credit cards VISAWhile from a certain point of view this could be considered true, for the most part it isn’t. For some who use pay by phone billing, they could add the cost to their pre-existing phone bill which, of course, requires a credit/debit card to pay. No mobile phone contract we know of works without a direct debit transaction. So, in this sense, you do need a credit card.

In the other sense, though, you don’t need one at all. Aside from the fact that you can take whatever amount you need from your pay-as-you-go tariff, the actual process does not need you to put in your card details whatsoever. So whoever tells you that one is required, you can let them know how misinformed they are.