Finn And The Swirly Spin Slot Review – A Slot Game Redefined

finn and the swirly spin slot reviewFinn and the Swirly Spin slot was getting a lot of attention recently, even before its release. The preview of this ground-breaking slot came out a month earlier and captured the attention of the whole industry. It’s not surprising as the game introduces some features that were never seen before, especially the Swirly Spin.

We already talked about this game before, but we didn’t have the chance to test it ourselves back then. Now that it’s finally out, the game is worth more of our attention. It’s time to check it out from up close not only for its originality, but also because it’s the last NetEnt release this year. As a result, it’s memorable and excellent because the developers used all their creativity and skill to make it.


Gameplay Of Finn And The Swirly Spin

Finn and the Swirly Spin doesn’t have fixed paylines. It doesn’t even have reels, at least not in the way we imagine them. Instead of that, the 5×5 layout is comprised of a single line that spirals from one corner into the middle. It’s like a single reel that swirls into the centre.

When you spin it, 25 symbols fill all the spaces. When at least three of the same looking symbols form a horizontal or a vertical line anywhere, you score. The winning symbols then disappear and the rest move towards the centre to fill the empty spaces. It’s basically tumbling reels, except that the new symbols come from a single corner and not from the top.


finn and the swirly spin gameplay


There are six base game symbols and several specials. Since Finn is a leprechaun and the game is all about luck, all the symbols are related to luck as well. The game is suitable for everyone, allowing bets from 10p to £200. It has a decent RTP of 96.6%, which is close to the NetEnt’s average.

Every win during a spin will destroy the winning symbols and create a wild in their place. If the wild makes another combination, it will also be destroyed, and destroy all adjacent symbols too. What makes this game truly exciting though is random features and key symbols which, well… They are the keys to free spins.


Bonus Features

There are four random bonuses that can trigger during any spin. Starfall wilds will place two to five wilds randomly for that spin. The Irish Luck feature will turn a random row or column of five symbols into the same type. The Magic Transform will replace all hearts and spades (low paying symbols) into a higher paying symbol. Finally, the Dragon Destroy will destroy a random number of symbols, triggering a re-spin.

More importantly, a key symbol will appear at the corner on each spin. It’s the only symbol that won’t be destroyed by any means. It will progress towards the centre as other symbols are destroyed. If the key lands on the middle position, it will reveal a keyhole and unlock it, granting the free spins.


finn and the swirly spin slot features


The Types Of Free Spins

Extra spins come in four different levels. However, you’ll only be able to choose one at first because other levels require you to collect more keys. When you first trigger the bonus, you have only one key and can only choose The Star Bar free spins. It’s always seven spins and all of them have the Starfall Wilds feature.

Collecting four keys allows to select Lava Lair free spins. You’ll get three free spins with Dragon Destroy feature and a sticky wild instead of the key symbol. This sticky wild will act like a regular wild, except it won’t disappear after scoring and destroying other symbols.


finn and the swirly spin slot dragon destroy


If you manage to activate the bonus nine times, you’ll be able to choose Lucky Mug free spins. Then, you’ll get four free spins with the Irish Luck feature. Plus, if the feature doesn’t help to score, the symbols will be shuffled according to their frequency, increasing the winning chance.

Finally, with 16 keys you can play Golden Pot free spins. Selecting it, you’ll get two free spins with Magic Transform feature. Note that you don’t lose your keys when playing these bonuses. So, you’ll get them all eventually. Besides, all these bonuses result in amazing payouts, so unlocking them shouldn’t be your main goal. It’s always nice to have a selection, though.


How Finn And The Swirly Spin Slot Performs

Finn and the Swirly Spin slot runs flawlessly. You can play it on any supporting device without a performance drop, including tablets and mobiles. As always with NetEnt slots, this game has an exceptional 3D graphics and captivating atmosphere. Even though it’s not a Christmas slot, the peaceful ring of Finn’s flute and fantastic nature background suits the current season very well. It will easily capture your attention and amaze you for hours.


finn and the swirly spin big win


Not only is this slot beautiful, it also pays quite well. The avalanche of symbols makes huge payouts possible as a single spin may result in dozens of winning combinations. Plus, you can win quite a lot even without impressive streaks. The highest paying symbol will yield up to 50x your bet per single line and 500x with the full grid.


Most Impressive Quality

What impresses at first is the unusual way the symbols work. More than that, we love how well the bonus features are weaved into the base game mechanics. For example, the wilds that result from a winning combination will usually benefit the player. Except when it’s the only thing that stands between the key and the middle position. Although sometimes frustrating, we love this balance and a whole new gameplay experience that no other slot has offered before.


finn and the swirly spin slot bonus



Finn and the Swirly Spin is a slot that’s unlike any you’ve seen before. This alone is reason enough to give it a shot. Whether you like it or not, it’ll definitely challenge your idea of a slot game. Besides, we can’t see why you wouldn’t like a game with so many exciting features. It may not bring you millions, but it’s perfect for some light-hearted fun during the holiday season.