What Factor Affect Your Phone Bill Depositing Experience?

Pay by Phone OptionWe’re so used to talking about phone bill deposits in general terms here at AllNetEntCasinos. That’s why we often lose sight of the fact that there’s a specific experience to be had when making phone bill deposits, which depends on a number of factors surrounding those deposits.

That’s why we thought we could fill you in on a few of the ways your phone bill depositing might seem different, depending on when, where and how you deposit. In this post, we take a look at how factors like the payment intermediary you use and the casinos at which you play have an influence over your phone bill deposits.


How Payment Intermediary Affects Phone Bill Deposits

When we’re talking about payment intermediaries concerning phone bill deposits, we mean names like Boku, Payforit and Pay by Phone – the various different services, which make phone bill deposits possible. While the main mechanism for making these kinds of deposits is the same, there are slight variations in the way they do things that might alter your experience.

It’s arguably a little misleading to say that it’s ‘your’ choice of payment intermediary, seeing as it’s the service the casino at which you’re playing has chosen to use which matters – you don’t get much choice beyond where you play. However, despite this, you’re still beholden to the differences.


Payment limits You can’t get far in a conversation about phone bill deposits without at some point stumbling upon the topic of limits. We all know by now that phone bill deposits have an overall daily limit of £30 and most people assume that the overall transaction limit is £10. Yet, what if we were to tell you that this isn’t the case? Mind blow, right?

In reality, while it is true that Boku deposits limit you to depositing only £10 per transaction, Payforit will actually allow you to deposit your entire £30 daily limit in one fell swoop. This means if you know you want to deposit more than £10 in one deposit, you’ll stand to save a lot of time if you pick the right payment intermediary.

Confirmation SMS Messages

Mobile Payment Confirmation SMSThe other aspect of the payment intermediaries, which you’ll notice a difference with, is the confirmation SMS messages they send you to process the payment. While some of the payment intermediaries like Boku will send you a message asking you to reply with Y or N to confirm the payments, other like Payforit and Pay by Phone will send you a code, which you then need to enter in at the casino at which you’re playing.

This difference might seem subtle and it’s true it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. But there is the argument that the codes are more secure, while the Y/N text is more convenient, so there is some choice as to what you prioritise.


How Mobile Deposits Vary from Casino to Casino

It’s obvious that your experience of mobile deposits is going to be different depending on the payment intermediary you’re using. However, what you may not have considered up to now is that you can have a vastly different experience based on the casino you’re playing at. That’s right — each online and mobile casino site has its own subtle ways to influence how useful and convenient mobile phone bill deposit are for you. These fall into two main categories.


Deposit BonusArguably the single biggest question you should be asking yourself when you’re deciding whether or not to make a phone bill deposit at any given casino is if that casino will honour deposit bonuses if a player makes a deposit via phone bill. It might be surprising, but you’ll actually discover that at the majority of online and mobile casinos, the small print of promotional terms will inform you that the bonus is forfeit if you choose to make a phone bill deposit.

It’s annoying, but from the casino’s point of view it makes sense. These bonuses are designed to try and encourage players to deposit as much as they possibly can. Given the fact that phone bill deposits restrict you with limits of £10 per transaction in many cases, it kind of undermines the whole point of them offering the bonus – at least in their eyes.

The good news is this isn’t a hard and fast rule across all casinos, and you’ll actually find that there are plenty of friendly casinos that are willing to honour these bonuses, no matter how you make your deposits. Simply make sure you check the small print before committing your money if you’re expecting a bonus.


Casino WithdrawalAnother point where casinos diverge in terms of their phone bill depositing options is when it comes to withdrawals. Now, we all know that phone bill deposits aren’t set up to allow players to withdraw using the same method by which they deposited. That means that you either need to give the casino your bank details for a bank transfer or accept a cheque via the mail. And it’s here that the variation can take place.

While there are many online and mobile casinos, which will allow you to choose whether you want a cheque or transfer, there’s at least an equal number who will only allow you to withdraw one way or the other. This means that if you have a particular preference between the two options, you’re much better off seeking out casinos which cater to your preference, rather than signing up to those which are going to make you withdraw via a method you’re not happy with. Again, this all comes down to reading the small print.