Butterfly Staxx Slot Review — Absolutely Gorgeous!

Butterfly Staxx Feature ImageIf you have already started to miss the warm and gorgeous summer days already, don’t worry! In fact, I consider myself to be in the same boat too… Just as I allowed my thoughts to drift away into the blues of autumn, the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of a stunning butterfly on the window frame of my room.

Yellow in colour, it flapped its wings gracefully and finally settled. With the thought of butterflies now hovering in my mind, I recalled the Butterfly Staxx mobile slot by NetEnt and in no time, I recognized all the similarities between the butterfly that I saw and the game that I loved – both of them looked drop-dead gorgeous!

And it wasn’t all about looks either. The graciousness that both the butterfly and the game displayed combined with the viewing experience that it offered was unparalleled!


Gameplay Of Butterfly Staxx

The Butterfly Staxx mobile slot sports five reels and a respectable 40 paylines. Your reels are set on what looks like a tropical paradise witnessing sunset. The symbols on your reels are equally as pretty and you will find lots of flowers and butterflies alongside the usual playing cards.

Butterfly Staxx Gameplay

This game accepts wagers starting from 20p and you may raise the stakes all the way up to £400 per spin. In terms of budget, the Butterfly Staxx slot will fit both casual players and slots enthusiasts just the same.  I loved how the payouts in this game are extremely frequent, although with smaller than usual amounts. I can confidently say that this game is of low variance, which makes it a low risk game for all players.

Butterfly Staxx Graphics

Here’s more good news – NetEnt has set the Return to Player (RTP) rate of this game to be at 96.8%, significantly whipping almost every other recent slot release. With such a small edge to the casino, your chances of walking home with more money than you came with is higher.


Bonus Features

The magic in Butterfly Staxx comes to live in the bonus features department. It all begins with the Wilds: you will find two types of them, both of which come in the form of the vivid purple and yellow flowers. As always, these Wilds will replace all other symbols on your reels to create the highest paying winning combinations.

Butterfly Staxx Normal Win

The main bonus feature that you will have the joy of playing is the Butterfly Staxx re-spins feature. As its name suggests, you will receive a extra spin when it is activated and any stack on butterflies on any reel will do you the favour.

Butterfly Staxx Re-spins Feature

NetEnt never forgets free spins. Getting a minimum of three scatter symbols anywhere on your reels will trigger the free spins feature and the more scatters you get, the more free spins you will be rewarded. To be precise, 3, 4 and 5 scatters will give you 5, 6 and 7 free spins. These free spins are no ordinary free spins either, as they come with the butterfly cocoons. When you get them, they will morph to become a butterfly, triggering the previously explained re-spins feature.


How Butterfly Staxx Slot Performs

NetEnt is known as the most consistent developer in the slots industry. Ever since their existence, they have done nothing else, but deliver games of amazing quality to us. All the symbols are designed with great detail to attention and the little animations throughout the game are as smooth as silk. Even the soundtrack that accompanies this game suits the overall feeling really well. It is calm yet boosts the gaming mood and, best of all, works hand in hand with the natural and tranquil theme in this game.

Butterfly Staxx Scatter Symbols

You may play this game on all types of devices, namely on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. The gameplay has been highly optimized for mobile gameplay making the mobile gaming experience as good as playing on a bigger screen.


Most Impressive Quality

I absolutely loved how Butterfly Staxx delivered such a serene gaming experience, while simultaneously being highly entertaining. I apologize for going back to the theme, but I have to say that it is the key factor that had made this game as successful as it is.

Butterfly Staxx Big Win

Combined with the simple yet profitable bonus features in this game, you have everything that you can ever ask for from a mobile slot.



In my opinion, I think that the Butterfly Staxx mobile slot has got the perfect balance of serenity and excitement. In a way, I feel that no other slot can achieve the yin and yang poise of this slot. I was particularly impressed by how often the re-spins feature was getting triggered during my gaming session and the frequent payouts. To the butterfly I saw that got me thinking of this game, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my day a whole lot better!